Best Gifts for Newborn Babies


There's nothing sweeter and easier to spoil a newborn baby. Parents, relatives, and friends alike will find it hard to resist buying lots of gifts for the new baby. When you're looking for the perfect baby gift, consider what what the baby needs and what will be inappropriate for a newborn. These tips will help you find the perfect newborn baby gift.

Newborn Baby Gift Ideas:

  1. Baby clothes: These are an essential for babies, and baby clothes are also one of the most fun baby gifts to buy. Who can resist an adorable newborn sleeper? When you're shopping, you may want to think beyond the first few months. While newborn clothes are cute and certainly useful, babies grow quickly and will often outgrow newborn sizes within the first month, so buy clothes in larger sizes, especially if you won't be giving the gift until after the baby is born. The basics, like bodysuits, socks, and sleepers, are especially useful gifts to give new parents.

  2. Diapers: If you're looking for something that will help Mom and Dad take care of baby's daily needs right from the start, you may want to consider buying diapers. Babies go through several a day, so Mom and Dad can run out quickly. Wrap up a pack of diapers alone or put together a baby gift basket filled with diapers, wipes, and diaper cream. (Be sure to check with the parents first and find out if they are planning to use cloth diapers or disposables.) A travel changing pad makes an excellent gift; it's great to have an extra one to keep in the car or in a room other than the nursery.

  3. Baby toys: Educational and fun to give, baby toys are great for little ones of any age. Look for cute rattles and teething rings for infants and more interactive toys for babies six months old to toddler. A mobile to hang above a baby's crib is a helpful toy that will entertain babies of all ages; it can help infant babies' eyesight to develop properly, and older babies learn spatial skills as they reach for and bat at it.

  4. Books: Research shows that reading to babies helps development. Even newborn babies can gain audio stimulation by being read to, and hearing their parents' voices will help create a bond between parent and child. As children grow older, books can help them develop visual associations and motor skills. Look for soft cloth books and board books that infants can enjoy.

  5. Bath supplies: Delight Mom, Dad, and child with a baby bathtub and bathing accessories. Gentle baby soaps and shampoos that won't irritate delicate baby skin are always handy, as are washcloths, sponges, and towels. A hooded towel helps a baby stay warm after a bath. A bath-time baby gift basket is sure to be a hit at any baby shower.

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