First Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

First Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

Whether she’s your wife or daughter, your sister or friend, you can celebrate a new mom’s first Mother’s Day with a thoughtful gift. Her first choice would be a magic potion that lets baby sleep through the night, but there are plenty of equally delightful presents for first-time moms. Try one of these first Mother’s Day gift ideas to celebrate the new mom in your life.


Rock Her First Mother’s Day With a Gift for the Nursery

velvet rocking chair for the nursery, one of the best first mother's day gifts

When you give a rocking chair or nursery glider as a first Mother’s Day gift, you’re ensuring she has a comfy place to bond with her new baby. Modern rocking chairs upholstered in velvet or microfiber can easily transition to the living room when the baby’s nursery becomes a “big kid” room. On the other hand, wooden gliders give off a classic nursery look. That makes them one of the best Mother’s Day gifts for new moms who are already thinking about baby number two.


Treat Her to a Gourmet Breakfast in Bed

breakfast tray with tea and bread as a first mothers day gift

She’s spending a lot of time caring for another person, so why not spoil mom with a deluxe breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day? Deliver her morning coffee on a bamboo serving tray with a flower and a pair of croissants. Or make her breakfast fully loaded: load up a large breakfast tray table with all the fixings. Think fancy napkin, cutlery, mimosa, bud vase, and her favorite breakfast order to cover the basics. As her firstborn grows older, they can help prepare breakfast for mama on Mother’s Day, joining the tradition you create this year.


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Get Sentimental With Baby Mementos

baby books, a mother's day gift for new moms to collect memories and milestones

Her first year as a new mom will go by so quickly, so help her slow down to remember it all. Look for baby books and photo albums so she can record memories and milestones. You could also pick out a shadow box for a one-of-a-kind baby keepsake, such as a polaroid from the hospital or her baby’s birth certificate. If mom is already commenting on how big the baby has gotten, pick a decorative frame for a set of infant footprints. Don’t be surprised if she tears up a bit at your thoughtful first Mother’s Day gift.


Jazz Up the Nursery with Cute Decor

unicorn storage ottoman first mother's day gift

If her plans to decorate the nursery have fallen by the wayside, help her spruce things up with cute decor in baby colors. Pick out framed photos of animals or abstract canvas prints featuring colors and shapes that calm and soothe. Either will add interest as nursery wall decor. You could also help with clean-up while she is busy with the newborn. Plush animal-shaped ottomans with hidden storage can quickly hide toys and blankets. Meanwhile, floating shelves can feature sentimental mementos like baby’s first pair of shoes. Be sure to help with the setup while mama has a much-needed nap.


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Arrange a Bouquet for a Mother’s Day Gift That’s Tried & True

flower arrangement first mother's day gift

A beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers is always a welcome gift for a mom, especially on her first Mother’s Day. A cheerful bunch of tulips or gerbera daisies would be a lovely seasonal option that is sure to brighten her day and decor. Otherwise, if you know her favorite flowers, pick those. To make a bouquet even more timeless, choose a vase to commemorate her first months of motherhood. Whether you select a blown glass vase that matches the nursery or a ceramic one that will grace the dining table or credenza, she’ll think fondly of this first Mother’s Day gift for years to come.

With one of these meaningful first Mother’s Day gifts, the new mom in your life is sure to feel honored and appreciated. With Father’s Day just around the corner, you might as well find a gift for the new pops, too. Read Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads to get a head start on gifting.