Best Gifts for Her First Mother’s Day

Best Gifts for Her First Mother's Day
Whether she's your wife, your daughter, your sister, or your friend, you can celebrate a mom's first Mother's Day with the perfect gift. If you're not sure what to get her, try one of these ideas.

Best Gifts for Her First Mother's Day

Buying Mother’s Day Gifts:


Baby Items Left on her Wish List

Between baby showers and all the gifts people bring after the birth, Mom may have gotten everything she registered for. But it can’t hurt to check and see if there is one more thing that she didn’t get yet. See if she still needs a baby carrier, some feeding supplies, or even baby-proofing products. It may be tricky for her to find time to get all the baby stuff she needs while caring for her little one, so you’ll be helping her out with this gift.

Memories of This Special Time

Her first year as a new mom will go by so quickly, and she may need some help slowing down to remember it all. Look for baby books and journals where she can record thoughts, memories, and milestones. Baby keepsakes, like birth certificate holders or footprint kits, will make it easy to record memories of her time as a new mom.

A Little Time to Herself to Relax

She’s spending a lot of time taking care of another person, so Mom could use some time to take care of herself. Get her a spa gift basket and add a gift certificate to a local spa for a massage, facial, or pedicure. Then, make sure she has a babysitter lined up so she can use it, even if that means volunteering yourself. If you’re on a budget and you’re good at polishing nails, offer to come to her house and give her a manicure during one of Baby’s naps.

The Handiest Gadget

If Mom doesn’t have a smartphone, Mother’s Day is the time to remedy the situation. It’s the one thing she may use more than anything else. She’ll take photos of her little one and share them immediately on social networks or by text message. She’ll read books with her one free hand during midnight feedings. She’ll look up tips and advice from other moms. She’ll find useful apps that will help her with everything from tracking feedings to getting back to her pre-baby weight. She’ll wonder how she ever lived without it.

Accessories to Help Her Dress Up

If Mother’s Day falls soon after the birth, there’s a good chance the new mom is struggling to find something to wear. During that time where her pre-baby clothes are still too small but her maternity clothes are too big, a few accessories can make it easier to repeat the outfits that do fit. Find her a cotton scarf or wrap in a bright, colorful print that will flatter her face — even if she didn’t get a full night of sleep. It’s best if it’s machine washable, too.

Of Course, Flowers

A beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers is always a welcome gift, especially on Mother’s Day. If you know her favorite flowers and they are in season, be sure to get those. Otherwise, a cheerful bunch or tulips or Gerbera daisies would be lovely.