Gift Ideas for In-Laws

Gift Ideas for In-Laws

There’s a lot to consider when you’re coming up with gift ideas for in-laws. Do you have a close-knit relationship with your spouse’s family? Or do you prefer to keep contact infrequent yet polite? No matter what, these tips can help you find a Christmas or birthday gift for the in-laws, preserving family harmony along the way.

Help Them Relax Into Retirement With a Living Room Refresh

recliner chairs, a gift idea for in-laws who are moving

As your in-laws get older, they may be considering relocating out of their family home and into smaller, more manageable quarters. Because the best gifts are the ones that a person wants but wouldn’t buy for themselves, a big move is an opportunity to refresh your in-laws’ space with the furniture of their dreams. As a gift idea for your in-laws, you could give a heated massage chair to erase the all aches from years of hard work. Meanwhile, giving your in-laws a set of deluxe theater seating cozies up their living room for movie nights and game days, all while taking up less space than a sectional sofa. Get ready to win some brownie points when you forward the order confirmation email to the in-laws.


Get Sentimental With a Framed Family Photo

4 photo frames in mud room

Do your spouse’s parents have a sentimental streak? If so, then one of the best gift ideas for in-laws is to frame a happy memory. For new in-laws, pick a romantic photograph from the wedding ceremony to nestle in a quaint picture frame for their mantel. Or if you and your spouse have kids, then a collage frame allows you to include photos of each family member. While your children may get older, there’s one gift for in-laws that never will. Choose a photo album for each child, then add a few photos to start the album. As the years go by, the proud grandparents can fill the pages with school photos, snaps from family vacations, and major milestones.


Focus on Harmony With Family-Themed Art

family themed farmhouse wall art

Part of the fun of gaining relatives is learning a new way of interacting as a family. As a gift idea for the in-laws, consider wrapping up some artwork that celebrates your shared values. If your in-laws prefer a rustic aesthetic, look for weathered wood wall art with inspirational quotes about the meaning of kin. And for in-laws with a modern design sensibility, you could give a piece of abstract art with elements that symbolize your new relationship: perhaps a brushstroke for each relative or a two-tone painting, one color for each side of your blended clan. Whatever type of family-themed art you choose, your gift for the in-laws lets them know you’re grateful for the relationship you share.


Cook Up Family Affection With Appliance Gifts

red kitchen aid mixer

When you got married, the in-laws helped ensure the two of you got all the items from your gift registry. Return the favor for the toaster oven or blender that they gave all those years ago with a shiny new appliance for their kitchen. For creative home chefs, widen your in-laws recipe repertoire with a specialty appliance like an air fryer or dehydrator. For an in-law who loves to bake, a stand mixer is a must-have for whipping egg whites and stirring stiff batters. Or, if your in-laws are less cooking inclined, update their bottle storage with a wine fridge. Bring over a bottle of their favorite chilled wine so your in-laws can break in their gift right away.


Thank Them for Their Hospitality With a Custom Charcuterie Plate

wooden cheese board with charcuterie

Wooden cutting boards aren’t just for slicing bread; they also look stylish as serving platters. So the next time you visit, curate a mouth-watering array of charcuterie and cheese on a stylish cutting board that they can keep as a gift. You could also look for a dramatic marble or slate serving board, should your in-laws have a more polished aesthetic.


Round out your lineup of meat and cheese with other small bites, like crispy crackers and something sweet or acidic to balance out the palate. Small ramekins are just the trick to keep fruit spreads, olives, and gherkins contained. Whatever delicacies you choose, a custom charcuterie board is a creative gift idea for in-laws to thank them for welcoming you into the family.


Toast to Your In-Laws With Specialty Glassware

Peronalized whiskey glasses and decanter with letter A

Are you looking for a present for your spouse’s parents that strikes a balance between not too much and not too little? Then drinking vessels tailored to a favorite beverage are a tried-and-true gift idea for in-laws that’s just right. For an in-law with a nose for fine Scotch, go for a rocks glass, whiskey stones, and an engraved decanter as a birthday gift. Or for those who live for cabernet and pinot grigio, enhance their stemware collection with a set of specialty wine glasses. Are they thrilled about a new espresso maker? Then consider giving a pair of porcelain cups and saucers for home-crafted cappuccinos.


Let Your In-Laws Choose Their Present With a Gift Card

gift box and Overstock gift card

If your in-laws are the types who already have everything, don’t despair. You can still get them a gift that helps the next time they’re in the market for new furniture, bedding, or home decor. When you give an Overstock gift card as a Christmas or birthday present for an in-law, you’re not only helping them pay for their next big purchase. You’re also giving the gift of free shipping on everything. What’s not to love about that? Whether you send the gift card via email or snail mail or wrap it in a box to give in person, it’s a gift idea for in-laws that they’re sure to value.

When you shop for home gifts on Overstock, whatever your choose ships for free. Yes, even a fancy recliner for your father-in-law! If you’re on the hunt for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts, we’ve got you covered there, too. Check out our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day guides for more gift-giving ideas.