Best Floor Lamps for Stylish Lighting

Best Floor Lamps for Stylish Lighting

Best Floor Lamps for Stylish Lighting
Nothing gives decor a facelift like the right lighting. It accents your home, adds warmth where there's no natural light, and helps set the mood. If you're working with a small space like a bedroom, office, or small apartment, floor lamps are the perfect solution for having quality accent lighting without going through the hassle of installing fixtures. Whether you're looking for a great reading light or stylish illumination for your home, you can step up your home decor game with our top three favorite floor lamps.

Gooseneck Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamps: Gooseneck Floor Lamps

What it is: The gooseneck floor lamp is a type of task lighting best for work areas like offices, desks, or studios. Its short, bent neck allows the light to focus on a specific task area, rather than illuminating an entire room.

Why it’s awesome: The gooseneck lamp is a task lighting classic, evoking the style of an artist’s loft or design studio. In places where light is scarce, the gooseneck lamp is the hero that preserves your eyesight.

Where to place it: Place this lamp in a workspace or reading nook. If you live in a small apartment where your living area doubles as your office, this lamp will help define your workspace nicely, giving you light for those long creative sessions spent at your desk. If you’re looking for a task lamp, explore different types of stylish lighting in our guide to the Best Floor Lamps for Reading.

Arc Floor Lamp

Arc Floor Lamp

What it is: Arc floor lamps have a heavy base and a long, arching neck that supports a pendant-like lamp.

Why it’s awesome: This floor lamp mimics the show-stealing style of a statement overhead light without all the pesky installation and wiring. It’s perfect for incorporating bold decor in a rental home where renovations are typically prohibited. For more lighting suggestions to work around this type of space, read Tips on Buying Home Lighting Fixtures.

Where to place it: Place your arc floor lamp in a corner or at the edge of a seating area. The idea is to keep the base out of the way while letting the neck extend as far as possible over the seating area to focus the light and center the design.

Tripod Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamps: Tripod Floor Lamps

What it is: A tripod floor lamp has a three-legged base that comes to a single point to support the lamp and lampshade.

Why it’s awesome: The tripod lamp adds a modern edge to any space, and some tripod designs even offer storage shelves. This lamp design adds a sleek touch to modern spaces, and boasts contemporary flair in cottage styles like rustic and farmhouse. Read the basics of Trendy Lighting Styles to know what look and feel is best for your home.

Where to place it: Tripod floor lamps work great as accent pieces in open spaces. Let your tripod lamp’s unique design shine in a reading nook or next to a sitting area.

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