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Best Floor Lamps for Reading

Best Floor Lamps for Reading

When you have the right floor lamps for reading, it's easy to curl up with your favorite book for a few hours. Why not create this relaxing atmosphere throughout your home? Whether you prefer adjustable floor lamps you can place in your living room or an arch floor lamp to tuck behind your bed, here's how to find the perfect floor reading lamps for your space.

Buy a swing-arm floor lamp for an elegant look.

If you usually sit in an armchair or on a sofa to flip through a magazine, you’ll probably want to place a swing-arm floor lamp nearby. These tall lamps feature a stand with a sturdy arm that swings the lamp shade out to where you need it. Most swing-arm floor lamp models come with drum-shaped or bell-shaped shades, which provide plenty of light and give your living room a classic look. Because these lamps do swing out so far, however, it is important to find one with a sturdy base so it won’t tip easily.

Purchase a gooseneck floor lamp for flexibility and convenience.

When you’re sitting in a dark room, you’ll appreciate having a gooseneck floor lamp close by, so you can read your favorite novel. These contemporary floor lamps feature extremely flexible necks made of plastic and oval-shaped flat heads that shine a bright light wherever it is pointed. A gooseneck floor lamp is particularly useful when you’re working on homework or need a good task light for crafts. When they are not being used for reading, gooseneck contemporary floor lamps can also be fully straightened to provide more light, especially during the evening.

Choose an arch floor lamp for a classic, easy-to-hide option.

Characterized by its arching neck and thin stand, an arch floor lamp is the perfect solution when you don’t have a lot of room for a floor reading lamp. You can easily slip this lamp behind your bed for reading at night or place it behind a sofa in the living room. These adjustable floor lamps can also include up to five arching arms and heads, perfect when you need extra light as multiple people read or just want a more contemporary look in your home.