Best Floor Lamp for the Bedroom

floor lamp in a bedroom
When you need extra light in your bedroom, why not buy a stylish floor lamp? Whether you want to add a stunning torchiere floor lamp to an empty corner or read in bed more easily with a swing-arm floor lamp, you're sure to find the right lighting with the following suggestions. Read on to find the best floor lamp for your bedroom.

floor lamp in a bedroom

Best Bedroom Floor Lamps:

Choose an adjustable floor lamp for your bedside.

If you plan to position light fixtures so that they shine light on your bed, you’ll want to buy an adjustable floor lamp. Look for a model that can be extended to accentuate a tall four poster bed or lowered for a more contemporary frame. An adjustable floor lamp that includes a flexible neck and a bright light is especially convenient if you enjoy reading for awhile before you sleep. You can also place a swing-arm floor lamp near your bed so you can quickly light the room in the morning when you wake up. If you’re not sure which style works best for your room, choose a neutral black floor lamp that can even be placed behind your bed. These contemporary floor lamps can complement a variety of bedroom styles.

Buy an arch floor lamp to light up a dressing table.

Save room on your dresser and place an arch floor lamp behind your furniture so you can always find the clothes and accessories you’re looking for. These contemporary floor lamps generally feature a swooping arm with a single bowl-shaped fixture; however, you can often find an arch floor lamp with multiple flexible arms and light fixtures if you want to add a funky style to your bedroom. Buy a simple black floor lamp for an understated look or make a statement with a steel or bronze floor lamp in the arch style.

Place antique floor lamps in your room for a classic look.

When you want to add an old-fashioned touch to your bedroom, buy a few antique floor lamps you can display near bookshelves, armoires or hutches. A torchiere floor lamp made with shimmering colored glass will reflect light in the room, while a bronze floor lamp with a pyramid-shaped shade will give you muted accent lighting. Look for antique floor lamps with iron stands and elegant linen lampshades to accent a pair of comfortable armchairs, too.

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