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Workout Gifts for Her This Christmas

Workout Gifts for Her This Christmas

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Workout Girl
For any woman who's constantly on the move and feels best after a good workout, these fitness accessories make great gym gifts. Keep reading to learn how you can make her Christmas special with fitness equipment. You'll find the perfect gift for athletic women.

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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Workout Girl

Best Fitness Gifts for Her

Exercise Machines

While going to the gym is one of the best ways to get stronger, it’s not always easy to find the time for it. Especially during the holidays. Help your favorite athlete work out in the comfort of her home by gifting her a gym-quality exercise machine. From ellipticals to stationary bikes, these machines are good for increasing endurance and building muscle.

Yoga Mats

Whether she’s into yoga or not, she’ll appreciate the versatility of a yoga mat’s cushioning. The primary function of a yoga mat is to provide better traction while performing yoga poses, but it can also be used for general fitness activities that take place on hard floors. Whether she’s stretching before cardio or perfecting her warrior pose, a mat makes a thoughtful gift for your athletic woman.


Dumbbells are tools for strength training and great fitness gifts for women. Because they’re used with a variety of workouts, she’ll love the flexibility dumbbells bring to her routine, especially on snowy winter days when driving to the gym isn’t an option.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands provide convenient and versatile workouts while taking up almost no space. These lightweight gym gifts can also fit conveniently into a travel bag, so they’re perfect for women who want to get in some light workouts while away on business trips. Put a set of these bands under the Christmas tree to help her exercise wherever she wants.

Water Bottle

Drinking plenty of water is key to staying energized and healthy while you’re working out. A sturdy and stylish new water bottle is one of the best workout gifts for her. She can take her new water bottle with her wherever she goes to ensure she’s hydrated throughout the day too.

Foam Rollers

Transform her post-workout routine with a foam roller that aids in muscle recovery, allowing her muscles to relax and heal. Shop for foam rollers of varying sizes and designs for rolling different areas. She’ll happily use her new foam roller daily to apply pressure to sore muscles that were strained during her workout.