Best Fish Supplies for Salt Water Aquariums


When you invest in a salt water aquarium, you'll want all the right supplies to maintain that aquarium. Salt water aquariums require different aquarium supplies than a fresh water tank. Maintaining your salt water fish tank requires special fish supplies to keep your tropical fish, reefs, and marine plants alive and healthy. The following tips will cover the essentials when you're shopping for fish supplies to fill your salt water tank.

Salt Water Aquarium Supplies:

  1. Lighting: The lighting you use in your salt water aquarium can have a dramatic effect on your aquarium life. The amount of heat your aquarium light gives off can actually affect the salinity of the water around it. If you have a reef aquarium with live coral, you'll need different aquarium supplies than if you have fish only, including lighting. Reef aquariums are much more delicate, requiring special lighting.

  2. Filters and pumps: When you're purchasing your fish tank supplies, you'll want to choose a filter and pump designed specifically for salt water aquariums. Filters and pumps are one of the most important fish supplies because they keep the water in the aquarium circulating and clean of germs and debris. Like other tropical fish supplies, filters and pumps need to be designed specifically for salt water to keep the salinity of the water at the right levels for your fish and other marine pets to survive.

  3. Landscaping: Landscaping elements, like rocks, coral, and marine plants, not only help to beautify your aquarium, but they are also essential in creating a comfortable habitat for your fish. Look for fish tank supplies that provide hiding places and shelter for your fish. The right tropical fish supplies will mimic a natural marine environment, and many salt water fish supplies for landscaping, such as coral and plants, can help keep the water in your tank clean and healthy for your pet fish.

  4. Salt and calcium: The key to maintaining a healthy aquarium is to make sure the salt and calcium levels are ideal for your pets. If you have fish only, certain saltwater fish supplies, like salt additives and a hydrometer, will help you create and maintain the right salt levels in your aquarium. If you have a reef aquarium, you'll want to look for pet supplies that maintain the proper calcium levels to keep the coral in your tank alive and healthy. Look for calcium additives and testers for your reef aquarium.

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