Best Fills for Down Comforters

Best Fills for Down Comforters
Warm and incredibly soft, down comforters are the height of luxurious bedding. Like all other bedding, down comforters can range from inexpensive to costly. The proof is in the filling. Inexpensive down comforters are filled with a combination of down and polyester or down and feathers. The best down comforters, which are usually also the most expensive, are full of pure, thick down. Take a look below to learn the best fills for down comforters.

Best Fills for Down Comforters

Down Comforter Fills:


Hungarian Goose Down

Hungarian goose down is considered the most luxurious type of down. These extreme cold-weather birds have very thick, almost odorless tufts of down at the base of their feathers. This heavy, long-lasting down is most often used in comforters with a fill rating of 800, which means they can keep a person warm even in cold conditions.



Eiderdown is harvested by hand from the abandoned nests of Eider ducks, which pluck the down from their own backs and use it to cover their eggs. Eider ducks live in cold climates, so their down is thick and heavy. It is used in high-quality comforters with a fill rating of between 700 and 800. Eider duck down is the only type of duck down used in high-quality comforters. All other duck down is usually considered too smelly (and some duck down has tiny barbs) and is used in much less expensive comforters.


Grey and White Goose Down

Grey goose down is used in dark comforters due to its grey color, but it is the same as white goose down in all other ways. Grey and white goose down, which is usually harvested from European or Chinese geese, is the most popular type of down used in middle-price-range pure down comforters. These comforters usually have a fill rating of 600 and above.



Hypodown is a mixture of white goose down and milkweed. This all-natural filling is hypoallergenic and much more durable than pure down comforters. While pure down is still considered to be the preferable fill for comforters by most people, hypodown is gaining popularity with consumers who want a longer lasting product without synthetic fills.

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