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Best Features for Gaming Televisions

by Paul Sanders

Boys playing games on a gaming television

Video gamers are serious about graphics and detail for their games, so the televisions that get used for gaming are held to a high standard. High-definition televisions, like plasma TVs and LCD TVs, have taken video games to a whole new level. There are several factors that that can help you find the ideal television for gaming. Below are the HDTV features you may want to look for that will give your games as much detail and realism as possible.

Buying a Television for Gaming:

  1. Response time: The response time of your television screen will help the picture remain clear and detailed, even during fast-moving action scenes. Look for televisions with a response time of 8 milliseconds or less. The difference in response time between newer plasma and LCD televisions is negligible, although older LCD TVs tend to be slower. Look for televisions with refresh rates of 120 Hz or 240 Hz for even faster response times.

  2. Side and front inputs: HDTVs usually have a wealth of connection ports for the audio and video cables on your DVD player, video game console and even your computer. If you like to switch back and forth between consoles with your television, it may be helpful to have ports on the side or front of the TV that are easy to reach.

  3. HD connection types: The latest generation consoles are designed with high-definition televisions in mind. The best connection type for sending audio and video to your television is probably HDMI, which carries both digital audio and video. Most video consoles use either HDMI or DVI cables to transmit video. Other cables won't give your television the same picture quality or response time.

  4. Native resolution: If you use a computer for gaming with your television, you may need to adjust the native resolution from your computer to match your HDTV's capabilities. If you have a video card installed on your computer, the video software included will probably have options for porting video to your television.

  5. Viewing angle: At extreme angles, the picture quality on some televisions begins to degrade. When you're playing games with large groups of friends sitting around the TV, this can be a problem. Choose a television with a wide viewing angle to avoid this issue.

  6. Burn-in: Burn-in is an issue that some users experience with plasma TV screens. Static and nonmoving images on the screen can persist for a while after you turn the game off, especially with older game consoles. Newer and high-end plasma televisions have largely eliminated the problem, but it's still best to use only newer game consoles with a plasma TV.

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