Best Father's Day Gifts for Sports Fans


Does Dad's year follow the four seasons of football, hockey, basketball, and baseball? Do your biggest family get-togethers include tailgating parties? Then Dad is a big-time sports fan. No doubt he shared his love of sports with you, coaching your little league team or having you join him on a Sunday afternoon in front of the TV. Father's Day is the perfect time to let Dad know how much you cherish his enthusiasm. Show him you're his biggest fan with these ideas for the perfect gift.

Sports Gifts for Dads:

  1. Take Dad to the game. Father's Day is a great day for watching baseball, so buy tickets and treat Dad to a local game -- include the beer and hotdogs in your gift. Or, plan a trip to a big event -- like a major league game, golf tournament, or car race. Of course, many a dedicated sports fan spends all summer waiting for fall, football, and his season tickets. If this describes your father, make this the year you and your siblings pay for the season tickets, upgrade his seats, or arrange to attend an away game with him.

  2. Bring the game home. Could Dad use an upgrade to his sports channel subscription? Make that your Father's Day present, and he'll never miss another exciting matchup. On the other hand, maybe he just needs a bigger and better television. He might want a new sound system for the TV room or a new TV to put in the garage. Dad will probably be happy to tell you exactly which electronics he wants, or if you want to keep it a surprise, see if he's mentioned anything to your mom.

  3. Upgrade his sports equipment. Does your father still shoot hoops or hit the batting cages? Help him participate in his favorite team sports with a new basketball standard, pitching machine, or other gear he might not get for himself this year. The one-on-one competitor may need a new tennis racquet or some new golf gear. If you're unsure of what equipment he would appreciate, talk to him. Fans love to talk about their sports, and a couple of conversations with Dad will help you find the perfect gift. He may even drop some hints.

  4. Decorate his sports den. Whether Dad watches games in his own "man cave" or in the family TV room, you can help him support his teams with sports memorabilia and team merchandise. Enhance game-day spirit with posters, autographed photos and jerseys, and banners for the walls. On those days when a good game isn't accessible, you can still keep Dad happy by filling his entertainment center with the latest Blu-ray editions of his favorite sports films and documentaries. If you're planning on splurging this year, remember that every armchair athlete really does need a great reclining chair.

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Updated March 4, 2015