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7 Ideas for Decorating With Fake Plants

7 Ideas for Decorating With Fake Plants

Including live plants in your home or office can reduce stress and help with air quality while enhancing your surrounding decor, but not everyone has a foolproof green thumb. If you’re a certified plant killer, there’s still hope. With a range of convincing new materials and textures, artificial plants look more realistic than ever. Incorporate some of these authentic-looking fake plants with your existing decor to add life and color to your home.

Artificial Flowers for a Pop of Energy

Fake Flowers

Decorating with faux flowers will instantly beautify your home decor. From bright varied collections to soft single-color bouquets, there are plenty of styles for fresh-looking flowers to improve any space. The faux versions allow you to keep exotic, difficult-to-maintain flowers in your home permanently.


Place a full flower arrangement in the center of your kitchen table or go for an authentic look with a hanging pot or planter. Consider blooms like silk peonies, orchids, and hydrangea. Just be sure to avoid obviously artificial features like plastic water droplets or glitter.


Silk Potted Plants for Friendly Fillers

Artificial Silk Plants

When decorating with fake leafy plants like ferns and snake plants, the dark colors tend to mask the plastic or stitching in the leaves and stems. Small topiaries look most at home among traditional home decor. You can also bring the outside in with low-maintenance artificial shrubberies. Natural-looking plants like false ferns or boxwoods come in bold shapes that can go well with complementary decor. For example, you can place a rounded topiary shrub next to a round mirror to add cohesiveness to a space.


Artificial Ivy for Lush, Sprawling Beauty

Artificial Ivy

Ivy is another popular indoor plant that looks just as good in silk. It adds a touch of class to bookcases, mantels, and above-cabinet areas. Make artificial ivy mimic the real deal by winding it around ladders, above window frames, or letting it hang from planters. Some silk ivy arrangements come in planters with other artificial blooms like African violets. Decorate with fake ivy on the wall by hanging it with string lights to create your own secret garden.


Silk Succulents and Cacti for Spiky Symmetry

Succulents and Cacti

It’s common to see succulents in clusters on bookshelves, desks, and countertops in many offices and homes. They’re easy to care for and match with most decor, so it’s no wonder they’ve become popular. Natural succulents and cacti also have a waxy coating that artificial plants mimic well. Follow suit and place your silk succulents and cacti in the same spots you would a real plant. Whether on shelves, tables, or in cute terrariums, artificial succulents look at home almost anywhere.


Artificial Bulbs and Seeds for Gentle Reeds

Bulbs and Seeds

Single stems of fake plants, like cotton or eucalyptus, add texture to real floral arrangements. More exotic species, like ginkgo, are available too. When placed alone, an artificial seed branch becomes a single elegant silhouette.


Place bulbs, stems, and seed clusters in delicate vases on bookcases as accent pieces. They also look great in groups on the mantel for holidays or any seasonal display. You can also add single stems of silk flowers on your bedside table or shelf for a dainty touch.


Artificial Potted Trees for Leafy Fullness

Potted Tree

Don’t be afraid to go bold when decorating with fake plants. Choose from popular silk species like fiddle-leaf fig trees or the life-like fronds of a rare, more exotic species. Without worrying about the maintenance and care, you can keep silk plants like Japanese maples and Dracaena and Yucana palms. Be sure to place your silk tree near natural light for an authentic touch and dust regularly to keep them looking fresh.


Decorative Planters for a Stylish Statement


Just because you’re decorating with silk plants doesn’t mean you can’t give them the full treatment. A cute pot or planter adds just as much to a space as the plant itself. Decorating with attractive planters helps faux plants look more real because it draws attention to the planter or pot rather than silk leaves.


Baskets, urns, and decorative vases are all good choices for decorating with artificial plants. An earthy terra cotta pot or industrial concrete square are trendy planter options. From coastal glass to a boho suspension of macramé netting, feel free to vary the texture, color, and pattern.