Best End Tables for Each Room

Best End Tables for Each Room

Although the most popular room for end tables is undoubtedly the living room, you can place these tables in nearly every room in your home. When considering how to fit end tables in the rooms of your home, consider the room decor and whether or not the style of the end table matches your own. Even more basic than the style of end table is its shape, so consider how it will fit into your room.

End tables can be square, rectangular, round or oval. Some end tables even nest together. One shape of end table might look best next to a recliner, while another might be perfect next to a sectional sofa. Look carefully at the room in which you will be placing the end tables. Is dark wood or light wood prevalent? Is it a small room or large room? Will the table sit in a corner, against a wall or in the middle of the room? As you can see, end tables are quite flexible. Here are some tips on placing end tables in your home.

End Tables for Every Room:


Living Room

Obviously, the living room is the most common place to find end tables. Living room end tables look great in wood. Try furnishing with oak end tables or a cherry end table. If you are aiming for a contemporary look, consider glass end tables or even metal end tables. Modern end tables can help transform the whole room into a chic lounge. If you want an easy match, try black end tables or white end tables that will match with just about any furniture color scheme.


Family Room

Try placing a round end table next to a recliner to hold your drinks. End tables with storage can store remote controls so they don’t get lost. Also, try placing a cocktail table or modern coffee tables between the television and couch for reading materials.



Wooden end tables or storage end tables work perfectly as nightstands. Place an end table on either side of your bed to hold glasses, an alarm clock or light reading.



Black end tables or white end tables generally look great in a corner of the bathroom. Plus, you can store bathroom items inside by picking up end tables with storage. In addition to being functional, end tables can bring a sense of style to your bathroom.