Best Easter Gifts for Grandchildren

Best Easter Gifts for Grandchildren
Easter is a wonderful holiday to get your family together, which means time spent with children and grandchildren. This makes Easter a great opportunity to give thoughtful presents to those special kids in your life. However, it can be hard to know exactly what to get for your grandkids, especially as they get older. Fortunately, has every doting grandparent covered with an extensive assortment of Easter baskets, toys, chocolate bunnies, and jewelry. Consider these suggestions and make this an Easter the grandkids will remember with a thoughtful gift from Overstock.

Best Easter Gifts for Grandchildren

Top Easter Gift Ideas

Spa gift basket

Gift Baskets

Ranging from simple candy assortments to gigantic baskets brimming with snacks, gift cards, stickers, activity books, and toys, gift baskets are an indulgent way to pamper any grandchild. No matter what your grandchild is into this year, you can find the perfect gift basket to suit his or her interests at Overstock. Our selection includes baskets for children that love sports, animals, flowers, cars, art, and much more. For grandchildren that have grown up, opt for a lavish basket overflowing with spa goods, makeup, cheese, and coffee, or give a tasty fruit basket that’s as colorful as it is healthy.

Finally, no Easter is complete without a traditional Easter basket. Each of our Easter baskets if filled with festive Easter treats like marshmallow eggs, chocolate bunnies, and other delightful offerings. A fully stocked Easter basket is sure to help any grandparent perfectly play the Easter bunny this year.

Stuffed teddy bear

Toys and Stuffed Animals

For an Easter present that’s cute and cuddly, stuffed animals like lambs, ducklings, and bunnies can all be given to younger grandkids. If you are shopping for an older child who wouldn’t want a stuffed animal, other toys like action figures, dolls, models, and sports equipment from popular brands like Lego, Disney, and Mattel can be an age-appropriate substitute. Search by age, brand, and genre to quickly narrow down your toy options.

Candy gift basket


Candy and chocolate are simple gifts, but they are always thoroughly enjoyed by both children and adults. Easter has its own unique sweets, like bunnies made from chocolate and cream-filled chocolate eggs, but plenty of other treats can also be given as presents at Easter. One especially festive option is a candy bouquet that places chocolate flowers or candy bars in a beautiful and sweet arrangement. Browse offerings from Jelly Bean, Reese’s, Hershey’s, Snickers, Nestle, Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, and Ghirardelli to find some tasty confections that your grandkids will love.

Crayola art supplies

Art Supplies

If your grandchildren are creative and love to paint, draw, write, or build, then gifts that encourage their artistic abilities will feel especially thoughtful. The colorful nature of artsy gifts will fit right in with the vibrant  tones of Easter. For younger children, Play-Doh, sidewalk chalk, and Crayola crayons are great outlets for fun on Easter Sunday while you are gathered with the family. For tweens and older children, Prismacolor pencils, new paintbrushes, handmade leather journals, or beautiful watercolors are personal gifts that let them explore their own creativity and develop lifelong skills.

Kids' bracelet

Kids’ Jewelry

For a grandchild who loves jewelry and pretty accessories, a necklace, charm bracelet, or set of earrings is the perfect Easter gift. Browse our extensive collection of jewelry for children of any age to find something that your favorite little fashionista will adore. Some kids’ jewelry is even crafted specifically for Easter and features jeweled eggs, golden rabbits, or glittery hatchlings. For those who observe Easter for its religious significance, consider our selection of beautiful yet reverent cross necklaces and bracelets, ranging from simple tokens of faith to exquisitely crafted rosaries.

Girls dress

Kids’ Clothing

Whether you celebrate Easter by going to church as a family or by gathering in your home, giving your grandkids classy dress clothes to wear at Easter can make the day feel special. Celebratory Easter clothing for kids can be a lot of fun, with floral dresses for her and dapper suits for him. For family get-togethers that are more casual, go with Easter-themed t-shirts and hats featuring cute bunnies, eggs, and chicks. Easter costumes for infants and toddlers are always a big hit – dress them up as adorable baby animals like lambs, ducklings, and Easter bunnies for some photo-worthy moments.

Plastic Easter eggs

Easter Egg Hunts

One of the most classic Easter activities for kids, parents, and grandparents alike is hunting for Easter eggs. Putting on an egg hunt in your backyard is a fun way to get out some of that endless grandkid energy while discovering even more small gifts they’ll love. Make sure all your egg-hunting bases are covered with Easter baskets, variety packs of small toys and treats, and dozens of plastic eggs for the kids to find. Try a good mix of colored, shiny, and decorative eggs to make the event colorful and festive.

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