Best Easter Gifts for Grandchildren

Best Easter Gifts for Grandchildren

It can be hard to know exactly what to get for your grandchildren for Easter, especially when their Easter baskets are already filled with candy and colorful dyed eggs. While a chocolate bunny alone is a delight, the first big holiday of spring is an ideal time to thrill your grandchildren with outdoor toys for the warmer months. Check out these fresh Easter gifts for grandkids they’re sure to use all summer.


Swing Set

swing set with slide

Swing sets bring all the joys of the playground home to the backyard. With the weather warming up at Easter time, having a swing set means your grandkids can get a healthy amount of active playtime every day. Higher-end swing sets may feature a wooden bridge, climbing wall, and monkey bars, but a budget-friendly set with just a slide and swings is enough to provide hours of fun, too. If you’re giving a swing set as an Easter gift for grandkids, create a trail of Easter eggs that lead to the backyard. The surprise at the end of the Easter egg hunt will be one they’ll never forget.


Backyard Trampoline

little boy leaps on a backyard trampoline

When you’re looking for outdoor Easter gifts for grandkids of many ages, a trampoline is the way to go because it can provide hours of outdoor fun for young kids and teens alike. As a bonus, all that bouncing counts as exercise, helping kids develop an active lifestyle from a young age.


When choosing a trampoline, look for one with an enclosure net that will prevent dangerous ground falls should a child lose their balance. While mini models 5’ or smaller fit toddlers and younger children, buying a larger trampoline allows your precious grandkids to enjoy this year’s Easter gift for years to come. Trampolines with a diameter greater than 12’ are ideal so that there’s plenty of space for multiple kids to bounce together.


Inflatable Bounce House

monster theme inflatable bounce house

A bounce house is a backyard thrill that any kid is proud to break out when hosting a playdate or having a birthday party. When you buy a bounce house as an Easter gift for your grandkids, they’ll instantly have the most-fun backyard on the block. When choosing an inflatable, check if the model includes any accessories. You’ll need stakes to keep the bounce house in place and an air blower so it stays inflated. Some models also include a repair kit to patch holes. Fill up the new bounce house with plenty of pastel balloons to give this gift an Easter twist.


Outdoor Playhouse

blue and white wooden backyard playhouse

If you’re a grandparent to toddlers, then you know how much little kids love to make-believe. All children engage in this developmentally beneficial form of play, but it doesn’t hurt to encourage their creativity by giving a playhouse or play tent as an Easter gift for grandkids. Backyard forts and hideouts create a stage for little ones to invent narratives and imitate their favorite grown-ups. Whether your grandchild plays house, rocket ship, doctor, or monster, having a home base for imaginative play is a must. Place a mini Easter basket at the playhouse’s doorstep to show your toddler grandchild that the Easter bunny visited there, too.


Lawn Games

jumbo jenga lawn game for kids and teens

For adult or teen grandkids, Easter gifts will look quite different compared to when they were little. That doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate a gift for the backyard like their younger siblings. Lawn games add a social element to outdoor play, which makes them well-suited for summer parties or game-day tailgates. Look for cornhole sets that match your grandchild’s school colors or mascot for an Easter gift with team spirit. And for a teen who’s more likely to be found at a garden party than a football game, both bocce and croquet offer a more sophisticated lawn game experience.


Not sure when to give this Easter gift for grandkids? Consider breaking out the lawn games during the Easter egg hunt. While the little ones go on a scavenger hunt, the older kids can get a giant Jenga tournament going.

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