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Best Earth-Friendly Fibers for Scarves

by Laura Leiva

When you're shopping for accessories, you may want to consider buying scarves and wraps made of earthy-friendly fibers and materials. Being eco-friendly requires more than just recycling or limiting waste from the home. It also means using materials -- from housewares to clothing items -- that reduce negative impacts on the environment. Choose materials or fabrics that use organic or natural fibers and do not contain harmful dyes. Eco-friendly scarves made of natural fibers are not only earth-friendly, but also soft and durable, making an environmentally sound fashion statement.

Buying Eco-Friendly Scarves:

  1. Hemp: Hemp fiber is found in a variety of clothing and accessories and is considered to be a natural and durable fiber. Hemp scarves make an earth-friendly statement, and hemp is easy to grow without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Choosing hemp for earth-friendly scarves helps the environment because hemp is a highly renewable plant and regenerates quickly to provide fibers for many uses, including thread for organic fabric, clothing, scarves, and other accessories. Hemp scarves are warm, soft, durable and lightweight and a good solution for green clothing choices.

  2. Bamboo: One organic fabric found in clothing and accessories is bamboo. This fast-growing plant is found throughout the world and replenishes itself very quickly. Bamboo fiber is especially good for making eco-friendly scarves because the plant may be used to create fibers without harming existing growth. Earth-friendly scarves made of bamboo are especially good because bamboo is also sustainable without the use of chemicals or pesticides and is easy to color naturally with plant dye. Bamboo fiber is ideal for scarves and wraps because it is soft and hypoallergenic, and it naturally works to wick away perspiration or moisture.

  3. Organic cotton: Due to the use of pesticides on crops during the growth period, regular cotton is not eco-friendly; however, organic cotton scarves are an earth-friendly alternative for those who love the durability and feel of cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides, and the fiber is free of chemical irritants. Organic cotton scarves will retain the durability and softness of traditional cotton without causing harm to the environment.

  4. Recycled silk: Here's an eco-friendly way to wear a silk scarf. Scraps of silk fabric can be turned into a multicolor yarn that is then knitted into warm and eye-catching scarves. Recycling the fabric scraps keeps them out of the trash and makes sure that nothing goes to waste. Often, this yarn is produced in impoverished parts of the world, and the sale of it helps provide income for disadvantaged women and their children

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