Best e-Reader Features

by Paul Sanders


Are you ready to leave your paper library behind and switch to digital books? If so, you have plenty of e-Readers to choose from. The line between tablet PCs and e-Readers is by no means a clear one since they share a lot of common features; tablets do tend to have more comprehensive abilities. If you're looking for a device that simply stores e-Books and also has a few connectivity features, then this list of features will help you narrow down your choices and find the one that's right for you.

Top e-Reader Options:

  1. Wireless and 3G connectivity: Devices that feature wireless capability can connect to your home network or public Wi-Fi networks to download new publications and access online services. Readers with a 3G option take this a step further, allowing you to connect anywhere within range of the wireless carrier your device is compatible with. Wireless is usually enough for most people. Without either of these options, you'll need to connect to a computer that does have a connection to be able to download books.

  2. Built-in Web browser: Connectivity has the benefit of opening up the entire Web to you, letting you view websites just as you would on a regular computer. Not all e-Readers have a built-in browser, though. Look for a reader that is also video-capable, so you can watch video through the browser and view online animations as well.

  3. Built-in light: If you like to read in bed when the lights are turned off, you'll need a way to light up the screen. Add-on lights are available, but if this seems like a hassle to you, look for an e-Reader with a backlit screen.

  4. Text size options: If you'd like to read your books in large print, then look for e-Readers that allow you to change the text size. Not all of them have this option, so if your eyes could use the help of larger text, this is a feature you'll want to seek out.

  5. Memory-expansion options: Even tablet PCs have, on average, significantly less memory than regular computers. Your e-Reader may have a few gigabytes, which is more than enough to store many books, but photos that come as part of electronic magazines and newspapers will take up more space, as will music and video files. Watch for options like expandable memory card slots for increasing your storage capacity.

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