Best Duvet Covers for Each Season

Best Duvet Covers for Each Season

A duvet cover not only protects your duvet and keeps it clean, but it can enhance the ambiance of the entire room, supply it with rich colors and textures, and change the feel of your bed. This means as the seasons come and go, changing your duvet cover is the easiest way to match the look of your bed to your seasonal decor and ensure comfortable sleeping. Use the following list to help you choose the best duvet cover material to keep your bed fashionable and cozy during each season.


As the snow melts and the flowers and plants flourish, a light fabric like percale provides sheen and style to any bedroom. Percale feels crisp and cool to the touch, so you won’t overheat on warm nights. It is also easy to wash and it will last for years. Choose a cover with light colors such as pastels or variations of cream and beige to warm up the look of the room and celebrate the return of good weather.


During warm summer nights, Egyptian cotton is the best fabric option for your duvet. It is a light and airy fabric that is extremely breathable and moisture wicking, so you’ll stay cool while you sleep. For the summer season, try a white duvet cover, which will make the room appear more open and spacious. A cotton blend that contains polyester is also an ideal choice for summer because it is soft, requires simple washing, and does not wrinkle.


For the fall season, a duvet cover that is warm enough for intermittent chilly nights is an ideal choice. Microfiber duvet covers offer a soft, smooth feel and are great for keeping your heat under the covers. This material is easy to care for and machine washable. Choose earthy colors like beige, brown, dark green, or burgundy to create a seasonal look that’s perfect for fall.


A luxurious flannel duvet cover is a favorite option for warmth during the winter months. Flannel’s soft, fuzzy construction creates small pockets of air that provide effective insulation and make it the perfect fabric for cozy bedding. Choose between classic plaid, floral, solid colors, and many other designs to suit your winter bedroom decorating.

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