Best Dresses for Petite Women

a woman in a peach colored dress by a fence
If you are petite, finding clothing that fits correctly is essential. Petite apparel prevents you from looking boxy or drowning in too much fabric and ensures a fit that flatters your body. Shopping for petite clothing will help you find the right sizes with all the fashionable options as other departments. The best dresses for petites are easy to find with a few simple guidelines.

a woman in a peach colored dress by a fence

V-necks draw the eye up toward the face.

V-necks are flattering for all types of women, since they show off the neck and encourage the appearance of a long, lean body. Petite dresses that have a V-neck also create a vertical line and give the impression that you are taller. Look for petite clothing that allows you to play with accessories and show them off. For an evening look, pair the V-neck with layers of necklaces to look glamorous.

Find knee-length dresses to flatter your legs.

As a petite woman, flowing long dresses may cause you to look smaller. When more leg is showing, you will appear taller. A flattering petite dress is hemmed at the knee or just above the knee. Pair a petite dress with heels and your legs will appear long and lean. Don’t go much shorter than slightly above the knee, since it may be inappropriate for work or more elegant parties. Select petite apparel that hits at the right length and is flattering to your curves.

Vertical designs will elongate your body.

Look taller by finding dresses that have a vertical design. Dresses that have vertical stripes create the illusion that there is more length. On the other hand, dresses that have too many patterns or colors may cause petite women to appear smaller. A simple dress is flattering, whether it’s one solid color or contains a subtle pattern. Petite women can use a wide belt at the waist in the same color as the dress. Using a belt in a different color may cause you to look shorter, in addition to cutting your appearance in half at the waist.

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