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Best Dog Beds for Small Dogs

Best Dog Beds for Small Dogs

Small dog on a dog bed
Treating your dog to the best means giving him a cozy place to curl up in at night. If you have a small dog, however, finding the right dog bed isn't always easy. Smaller dogs and puppies may get lost in a bed designed for a larger dog, and may not even sleep on it at all. When you're shopping for pet beds for your little dog, you'll want to consider these tips.
Small dog on a dog bed

Dog Beds for Small Dogs:



The classic round dog bed is one of the best styles for your small dog. Smaller dogs and puppies can curl up and snuggle down into the bed, while the raised sides provide your pup with a feeling warmth and protection. Round dog beds are also fairly compact, so they’re easy to place in various areas of your home where your dog likes to nap.



One of the biggest concerns with small dogs and puppies is keeping them warm at night. Their small bodies don’t retain heat the way a larger dog does, so you need a pet bed that does the job. Heated dog beds are the perfect solution. By providing a constant source of heat, a heated dog bed keeps little dogs warm and cozy all night long. Heated pet beds are also ideal for older dogs and outdoor pets who need some extra help to stay warm.



Designed to give your dog a den-like feeling, a snuggler pet bed is ideal for small dogs who want a sense of security while they nap. Snugglers are either designed like a round pet bed with a top that curves over the bed or even like a bag or tunnel your dog can crawl inside of to sleep. Snuggler beds are also very warm, so they’re great for cold weather and chilly nights.


Memory Foam

The thicker and fluffier your dog’s bed is, the warmer it will be. Memory foam dog beds are typically the warmest bed you can find other than heated pet beds. Memory foam not only conforms to your dog’s body; it also retains body heat. Small dogs and puppies will find memory foam dog beds both comfortable and warm to sleep on.



Much like a round bed, bolster dog beds provide small dogs with a bit of security and protection. Bolster beds are particularly useful for dogs who like to sleep on the sofa next to you. Bolster beds will give your dog something to snuggle up against while simultaneously protecting him from rolling off the couch or between cushions.