Best Dining Items to Register For

by Maegan Crandall


Registering for your wedding can be a lot of fun, but selecting all of the items needed for a new home doesn't come naturally to every couple. Wedding registry guides feature long lists of dining items that may or may not be right for your home. Use this guide to determine which ones belong on your wedding registry.

Registering for Dining Items:

  1. Glassware and barware: When you think of glasses and barware, you might only picture wine glasses and toasting flutes, but don't forget about coffee mugs, tumblers, and teacups. Determining the number of glasses you'll need, from tumblers to margarita glasses, can be challenging. To solve the puzzle, picture your entertaining style. Some couples only want or need two or four goblets, while others may want a set of 12.

    Barware items include decanters, ice buckets, bar accessories, and cocktail shakers. Considering your lifestyle will be a big help here, too. Do you want just a few basics for relaxing at home, or do you need a full set for cocktail parties? Don't forget about other accessories, like coasters and specialty glassware, such as beer steins.

  2. Casual dinnerware and flatware: Your casual dinnerware can be any style, so choose items that reflect your personality. Most couples register for eight to 12 place settings. A place setting includes a dinner plate, a salad plate, and a bowl. Some place settings also include a bread and butter plate and a teacup or mug.

    Choose flatware that matches your dinnerware, whether sleek or unique. A typical set of flatware includes eight salad forks, dinner forks, dinner knives, dinner spoons, and teaspoons. However, keep in mind that some sets only have four place settings, while others can have up to 12. A set may also include one or two serving spoons or serving forks, plus a set of steak knives.

  3. Formal dinnerware and flatware: Not every couple chooses to register for formal dinnerware and flatware. Some choose stoneware instead of china. Once you've settled on a style and material, determine whether you are shopping for a full set or registering by place setting.

    A full set of formal china typically includes eight dinner plates, soup bowls, salad plates, teacups, and saucers. It may also include a serving platter, a serving bowl, a salt and pepper set, a teapot, a creamer cup, and a sugar bowl. You can also register by place setting and add the matching serveware that you plan to use. Choose flatware to match your formal dinnerware or stoneware.

  4. Serveware: In addition to the formal and casual pieces that are included in your dinnerware sets, you'll want to add at least a few more serveware items to your registry. Choose a salad bowl, two to four trays or platters, a set of salt and pepper shakers, a set of serving bowls, and a set of serving utensils. You may want two full sets of serveware to match both your casual and formal dinnerware.

  5. Linens: Many couples don't need a lot of table linens, but a few basics will make your new home inviting. Register for one or two tablecloths, plus a set of placemats, napkins, and napkin rings. Add more linens to match your formal dinnerware, if desired.

  6. Furniture: Many couples choose to register for some of their dining room furniture. Feel free to add a dining room set, a buffet table, a wine rack, a set of barstools, or a storage cart to your wedding registry.

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