Best Dining Chairs for Every Dining Room

Best Dining Chairs for Every Dining Room

JUNE 23, 2016

by Andrew Schneider Furniture and Decor Specialist

When you plan your dining room, dining chairs are one of the most important considerations for comfort. It is often less expensive to buy a set that includes the dining table and chairs. If you decide to buy your table and chairs separately, perhaps to achieve a desired look or to replace chairs that are no longer comfortable, you should purchase the table before the chairs. Regardless of the option you select, it is important to consider the available space and the typical number of diners you need to seat at the table. You have many choices available, from the traditional wooden chair to the modern acrylic dining chair.

Wooden dining chair

Wooden Dining Chairs

The wood chair offers a classic beauty. It is available either as finished wood, painted, or upholstered. Wood that is stained and then coated with a protective finish allows the natural wood grain to show through and provide an authentic beauty. Often you can find wooden chairs that are stained to match your existing table for a more coordinated look in the dining room. Painted wood chairs come in a wider variety of colors. Wooden chairs are durable, and most last a long time with proper care.

Metal dining chairs

Metal Dining Chairs

Outdoor metal dining chairs are often made of wrought iron. Metal chairs for indoor use are more commonly made of brushed or painted metal. Because of the strength of the metal, manufacturers can easily design these chairs to stack, which reduces the space storing additional chairs requires.

Leather dining chair

Leather Dining Chairs

Like wood, leather dining chairs have a timeless feel. Leather chairs may have wooden or metal frames and dining chair legs. The natural leather material breathes more than synthetics and absorbs liquids more slowly than fabrics. If there is a spill, you can usually wipe it quickly to prevent staining of the leather. To maintain the beauty of this material, follow the manufacturer's cleaning directions regularly.

Fabric dining chair

Fabric Dining Chairs

Fabric upholstery offers a wider variety of colors and patterns for dining chairs that are also padded for comfort. Manufacturers use floral prints, geometric and solids to cover the upholstered dining chair. As with the leather chair, the manufacturer may use a metal or wood frame with fabric upholstery. Manufacturers often offer treated upholstery that resists staining.

Faux leather dining chair

Faux Leather Dining Chairs

Synthetic leather chairs are also available, and some of the materials are long-lasting while looking almost like real leather. Faux leather is usually stain-resistant and does not absorb liquids. It can have a smooth finish, or the manufacturer has the option of embossing a pattern on the material during the process. Faux leathers generally have a fabric backing to resist tears that can occur with use.

Dining room set

Dining Sets

If you are replacing the table and chairs at the same time, a dining set is often a good option. The set includes a set of coordinated chairs and a dining table. Sets are available with all the different types of chairs and wooden, metal or glass top tables. Manufacturers plan the chairs so they are proportionate to the table, but you still need to measure the dining room to ensure your dining room provides sufficient room for the set. If you have a large dining room, you may prefer a comparable table and chairs that provide sufficient seating for the entire family at the holidays. For a little apartment, you might prefer a small table with coordinating simple chairs and seating for two that you can fit into a tiny kitchen.