Here's how to choose the best diamond earrings to give for Valentine's Day.

Best Diamond Earrings to Give for Valentine's Day

Diamonds are a classic Valentine's Day gift, but if you aren't ready to give a diamond ring, or if you've already given her several diamond rings, consider diamond earrings. It's a gift that's sure to impress any woman on this most romantic holiday, whether the special lady in your life is your wife of 30 years or your girlfriend of six months. You'll impress her most with a pair of earrings that reflects her style.

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White Diamond Solitaire Studs

Diamond stud earrings are a staple in any well-dressed woman's jewelry collection. If your wife or girlfriend doesn't have a pair of these versatile earrings, consider surprising her with some this Valentine's Day. They're perfect for women who have a classic, sporty style because they aren't fussy at all. For the woman who likes just a bit of sparkle, choose one-carat diamond earrings. To really wow her, consider three-carat diamond studs. Heart-shaped diamond studs are also delightful for this romantic holiday.

Diamond Love Knots

The curving loops of the love knot design represent your eternal love, making these earrings the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. The traditional love knot is a stud earring, a style that's practical for day as well as glamorous for evening. A woman who like the classic look of a stud with the romantic notion of the know would love this gift. There are also drop-style love knots, perfect for the romantic woman who likes a bit of glamour.

Diamond Hoops

Hoops are incredibly versatile, so even if you haven't known your girlfriend for very long, you can feel confident that she'll enjoy wearing a pair of diamond hoops. Narrow, larger hoops are more fashion-forward and hip, while small, wide hoops are more classic and demure. When buying diamond hoop earrings as a gift, pay attention to her style and select the ones that best match wardrobe pieces she already wears.

Diamond Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings are available in many styles,a nd each one will capture the light with every movement, drawing attention to her face. Simple and elegant diamond drop earrings, like three-stone, linear, or teardrop styles, make a grand gift. Earrings that feature dangling diamond peace signs, hearts, and flowers are perfect for younger women. To really knock her off her feet this Valentine's Day, give her diamond chandelier earrings; these feature intricate designs that mimic the chandeliers of ball rooms and showcase a smattering of glowing stones.

Colored Diamond Earrings

If she already has many diamonds and is adventurous enough to try something new, consider colored diamonds. Pink diamond earrings are perfect for Valentine's Day. If her favorite color is yellow or blue, look for earrings with diamonds in these hues. A fashion-forward woman would love black diamond earrings, one of the most popular colors of diamonds this year.

One-of-a-Kind Diamond Earrings

For a woman with an unmatched style, nothing beats a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Vintage and estate jewelry offers diamond earrings that you just won't see on every person walking down the street. If you want to give a Valentine's Day gift that is as distinctive as the woman you're giving it to, look for art deco earrings or mid-century vintage diamond earrings.

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