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Curtains for Every Room in Your Home

Curtains for Every Room in Your Home

Curtains for Every Room of Your Home
Choosing curtains isn't always easy. With so many options, how can you make sure that you find just the right style? Luckily for you, we've broken down the best curtain styles and fabrics for specific rooms in your home, no matter your decor preferences. From valances to panel curtains, we’ve got the best ideas for every room in your home. Keep reading to learn more!

Billowy Curtains for a Breezy Living Room

Living Room Curtains

The living room is like the heart of your home — it’s the place where your family gathers and spends quality time together. Create an inviting atmosphere with a pair of linen or cotton curtains. Either of these fabrics can lighten your living room.

Linen is a beautiful, billowy fabric and looks elegant gathered to the side in a classic tieback. On the other hand, cotton is a crisp fabric that provides privacy while adding a breath of fresh air to your room’s decor.

Blackout Curtains for a Slumber-Friendly Bedroom

Bedroom Curtains

When it comes to bedroom curtains, coziness is key. Keep out the morning sun and catch up on a few more z’s with a pair of blackout or thermal curtains. Blackout curtains are perfect for keeping your room dark any time of the day, which is ideal for daytime nappers.

Thermal curtains are great at reducing noise and keeping warm air inside during the winter and outdoors in the summer. Curtain panels, double panels, and panels with valances are all styles that work with both fabrics and create a warm and comfortable bedroom.

Cafe-Style Curtains for an Airy Kitchen Atmosphere

Image Provided by Kirsten Yanasak

Your kitchen is where the magic happens: meals are made, snacks are eaten, and your family sits around the table for dinner. Brighten those moments with cafe curtains and valances. Short and simple to match smaller kitchen windows, cafe curtains allow you to welcome natural light without sacrificing privacy.

If you spend most of your time in the kitchen cooking, dress your windows in fabric that isn’t absorbent or flammable. Linen, cotton, and lace are all ideal for kitchen curtains, and brighten up the look of any room.

Elegant Curtains for a Formal Dining Room

Elegant Curtains for a Formal Dining Room

If you love entertaining in your home, your dining room is probably the center of the party. If you prefer to have a formal dining room, then velvet or satin curtains will work perfectly.

These fabrics look beautiful in a simple panel style or swept to the side with a pair of tiebacks or holdbacks. You can also use linen or cotton curtains to create a modern and contemporary look.

No-Fuss Curtains for a Functional Bathroom

No Fuss Curtains for a Functional Bathroom Image Provided by Emily Netz and Melissa Click

It’s best to keep bathroom curtains practical. Try to stick to fabrics that aren’t affected by moisture and don’t absorb smells, such as linen or cotton. For windows on the smaller side, valances and shorter panels are perfect curtain styles.

UV-Blocking Curtains for an Outdoor Patio

Image Provided by Randy Fath

Outdoor patio curtains might seem counterproductive, but they’re perfect for keeping out unwanted bugs and UV rays on your otherwise comfy patio. Patio curtains are most effective when they’re made of polyester or UV-reflecting fabric because they can withstand most weather conditions.

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