Best Contemporary Bath Vanities

Best Contemporary Bath Vanities

Best Contemporary Bath Vanities
Bathroom remodels and upgrades are always fun projects, especially when it comes to choosing a vanity. The vanity is typically the focal point of every bathroom, so you want to make sure to choose a model that best suits your tastes and complements the personality of your home. With so many options in contemporary bath vanity designs, many DIYers find it difficult to make a final decision, simply because there are just so many great bathroom vanities to choose from! If you're planning a contemporary bathroom makeover and are looking for the perfect vanity, taking some time to research the best contemporary vanities on the market is an ideal starting point.
Best Contemporary Bath Vanities

Contemporary Vanities for Bathrooms:

Modern Marble

Modern marble is a good option for contemporary bathrooms, as its clean, crisp appearance never goes out of style. Today’s modern style marble bath vanity designs are available in a variety of options that include single basin, double basin, stone tops with slanted sinks, pearl white marble over wood, and much more. Modern marble complements just about every color of the rainbow, making it a great choice for anyone who likes to switch up bath towels and other accessories. Best of all, modern marble is easy to clean and maintain with mild cleanser or marble polishing powder.

Double Basin Vanities

Double basin vanities are a practical, functional option for families, couples, and anybody who shares a bathroom. The two separate sinks and spacious tops provide plenty of room for two or more people to shave, brush their teeth, put on makeup, and more. Function doesn’t take away from style either, as the contemporary double basin vanity sets on today’s market offer everything from gorgeous brushed nickel fixtures and beveled edge mirrors to large drawers and cabinets to hold towels, spa products, Egyptian cotton bath sheets and everything in-between.

Vessel Sink Vanities

The vessel sink vanity offers all the modern conveniences of today combined with a perfect touch of old-world charm. Vessel sinks are extremely versatile, as they can be paired with practically any type of vanity top, including marble, stone, tile, and wood. The sinks themselves come in a variety of materials such as copper, tempered glass, vitreous china or porcelain. When paired with a contemporary fixture such as a waterfall sink, you’ve got your very own mini-spa.

Wood Vanities

Contemporary wood vanities are perfect for those who are looking for polished style without sacrificing function, as many wood vanity sets feature built-in cabinets and working drawers that are ideal for storage. Popular wood vanity options include rich cherry wood paired with brilliant white basins, modern painted wood with sleek marble vanity tops, smooth maple corner vanities, and weathered wood vanities. Wood vanities are typically treated with waterproofing sealant, so you don’t have to worry about moisture damage.

Free-Standing Single Vanities

Free-standing single vanities are a smart choice if you’ve got limited space but still want to add some modern style to your bathroom. Free-standing vanities feature four or more legs that allow the bottom of the vanity cabinet to remain off the floor. This not only looks good, but it allows for easy cleaning of those hard-to-reach crevices that tend to attract dust. While the vanity tops on single vanities are smaller than double tops, you’ve still got enough room for ceramic soap dishes, toothbrush holders and more. Another bonus? These compact vanities are a cinch to install.

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities attach to the wall and sit completely off the floor, giving the appearance of a floating cabinet. Perfect for modern bathrooms, these unique space-saving vanities create a clean, uniform look. Floating vanities can be paired with both vessel sinks and basins, and the extra room beneath is the perfect place for a fuzzy rug to warm up your tile and cushion your feet as you prepare for the day.

Glass-Top Bathroom Vanities

A glass-top vanity instantly transforms a regular bathroom into a peaceful and elegant space. Tempered glass creates a modern, spa-like vibe, especially when paired with vessel sink and faucet. Glass-top vanities are extremely popular in today’s home decorating world, as they add a modern look to any bathroom space and the non-porous glass allows for easy cleaning and long-lasting use.