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Best Colorful Bracelets for Summer


Four girls enjoying summer and wearing bracelets

Few summer outfits are complete without a splash of color. Whether you favor white sundresses or black trouser shorts when it gets hot out, colorful bracelets can help you embrace the season with a spectrum of hues. When planning your summer wardrobe, choose a few of these bracelets to keep your look bright and fresh.

Summer Bracelets:

  1. Painted bangles: Fun sterling silver and gold bangles are often painted with bright colors. These bracelets are unlike the typical bangles that you normally see. They really bring a touch of the world to your collection. Consider a gold bracelet sculpted into a scarab and painted in red, blue and yellow or a sterling silver butterfly bracelet decorated with bright pink and green. Wear painted bangles with smocked dresses, flare jeans and stylish V-neck T-shirts.

  2. Designer beaded cuffs: Simple beaded bracelets are fun, but some jewelry designers take it to the next level. Imagine beads strung onto woven leather to depict flowers, feathers and leaves. Wire provides a good, firm backdrop for intricate beadwork. Some designer beaded cuffs offer 10-20 rows of beadwork for a dramatic statement. Wear these bold beaded bracelets with long skirts, cuff-off shorts and breezy silk shirts.

  3. Gemstone chip stretch bracelets: When the summer sun is making everything glow, you want to wear gemstones, but elaborate gemstone bracelets are not always practical. Gemstone chip stretch bracelets are the perfect solution. Gemstone chips retain the lovely colors and sparkle of the stones, but their vibe is decidedly casual. Gemstone chips are often used on stretch bracelets for comfort. Wear these gemstone bracelets with striped tunics and washed linen dresses.

  4. Rubber bracelets: Rubber bracelets aren't just for kids -- these fun pieces add playful texture and color to a summer outfit. Many grown-up bracelets are made of brightly colored rubber and stainless steel links for a unique look and durable wear. Choose rubber bracelets in a few different colors and wear them all at once for fun summer style.

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