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Best Coleman Tent for Your Camping Trip

by Craig Blake


No two camping trips are the same. Luckily, Coleman makes tents for every condition and climate, so you can find a Coleman tent that suits your location. Whether you are backpacking in high altitude or setting up camp in your back yard, make sure you have the right tent for your situation. You'll never have to cram your family into a small hiking tent or lug a heavy tent on your backpacking trip when you have the best tent for your camping trip.

Best Coleman Tent for You:

  1. Family tents: Whether you need a tent for a large family or just need space for a family of two, Coleman family tents are a good choice for car camping and backyard set-ups. Generally roomy and fairly tall, a family tent will allow you to fit both fellow campers and their gear inside. Most of these tents have several windows. They come in several different styles, including domed tents and even tents with two rooms. Coleman tents will vary in additional features, like a space to insert a heater, so make sure to check the specifications on the one you are considering.

  2. Backpacking tents: Backpacking Coleman tents are made specifically for the rigors of hiking. These Coleman tents are made of durable, lightweight materials and with strong, lightweight tent poles. Most styles stay close to the ground to withstand harsh conditions, such as extreme wind. When you are ready to get moving, Coleman backpacking tents will roll tightly so you can easily strap them to your backpack. The light weight and reliability of backpacking Coleman tents will make you happy to carry one up a mountain.

  3. Hinge-door and lighted tents: For ultimate convenience in getting in and out of your Coleman tent, choose the hinge-door feature. Instead of dealing with long zippers, the hinge-door will quickly open in a slow curve to allow easy access. Even better, some lighted tents come with several settings, so you can have the amount of light you would prefer. Instead of toting your lantern between your campsite and inside your Coleman tent, it can stay put thanks to the lighting feature inside.

  4. Sun shades: These aren't used so much for shelter as they are to create a nice gathering spot in your campground protected from UV rays. No matter what other Coleman tent works best for your trip, a canopy to block out the sun will be a welcome addition to your campground.

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