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Best Body Pillows for Pregnant Women

by Amanda Mears

Relax with a body pillow

For pregnant women, specialized body pillows can mean the difference between a miserable sleepless night and a relaxing slumber. Although standard rectangular body pillows provide some support, there are several options on the market that are made especially for cradling the stomach and relieving pressure from the spine. If you're in the market for a pillow that will support and soothe all night long, check out this guide that uncovers the best body pillows for pregnant women.

Body Pillows for Pregnant Women:

  1. Wedge pillows. Although different from the cushy pillow you normally think of when looking at body pillows, wedge pillows provide full-body support for pregnant women. Prop a wedge pillow up against the headboard to help relieve nighttime bouts of heartburn or lay one underneath your back for a gentle incline that takes the pressure off your hips when you sleep on your side.

  2. Memory foam body pillows. If you prefer the shape and mobility of a standard body pillow, try upgrading to memory foam body pillows. These foam pillows will conform to your shape and are super lightweight for easy handling during the night. Versatile memory foam body pillows can be positioned almost any way you need, so whether you want a pillow that fits between your knees or one that drapes around your neck, a memory foam pillow fits the bill. Memory foam body pillows are also easy to integrate into your bedroom decor because they use standard body pillows covers that come in a wide assortment of colors.

  3. Letter-shaped pillows. Curved body pillows are ideal for pregnant women because they support a number of pressure points without being too bulky or inconvenient. Pillows shaped like the letter 'J' are easy to maneuver and can take the place of your standard pillow. If you need hip support, look for a C-shaped pillow that supports both the head and knees. The U-shaped maternity body pillow offers support on both sides and makes it easy to rollover without having to move a bulky pillow. Maternity body pillows also work well for lounging and can support your back and hips while sitting up.

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