Best Bluetooth Speakers for Christmas

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Christmas

When you give the gift of Bluetooth speakers, you give the gift of music anywhere and everywhere. The wireless function of these speakers will help your giftee get the party started wherever he or she roams. From rugged and waterproof outdoor speakers to wireless speaker sets for quality indoor surround sound, Bluetooth speakers are a must-have for the music lovers, party goers, and outdoor enthusiasts on your list. Check out these top trends to get started on your Christmas shopping.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Both the frequent traveler and the party starter on your list will appreciate mini portable wireless speakers. These lightweight speakers are easy to tuck into a suitcase or backpack. Plus, many Bluetooth speakers now come with speakerphone capabilities, ensuring clear and convenient conference calls on the go.

Several electronics companies also make more rugged speakers that are sand-resistant and waterproof, which means your giftee can have spontaneous dance parties inside, poolside, or beachside without skipping a beat. Since portable outdoor speakers can handle more spills and bumps than your average electronics, they also make great day-to-day wireless speakers for kids and teens. Look for brands like JBL, Ultimate Ears, and Braven for all your portable Bluetooth speaker needs.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Usually, electronics are meant to live a life indoors, but several speaker brands have broken those boundaries. New designs and developments mean you can gift your favorite backyard party planner a sturdy set of wireless speakers they can set up permanently outdoors. Water- and dust-resistant features ensure the speakers will function through pool parties and inclement weather alike.

Your gift recipient will keep rocking in the free world with a permanent surround sound backyard setup, or you can keep their backyard listening more versatile with several linkable and portable outdoor speakers. Look for brands like Acoustic Audio and Pyle for more permanent Bluetooth speaker installations. Brands like Braven and JBL will cover your portable outdoor speaker gifting needs.

Home Bluetooth Speakers

The key to a home wireless speaker setup is multiple speakers. When gifting Bluetooth speakers for the home, you have two basic choices. First, you can purchase a sound system set with wireless surround sound speakers, which is perfect for building a surround sound entertainment experience when paired with a TV. Your gift recipient will get excellent sound from quality Bluetooth speakers without having to deal with unsightly wires running up the walls. Find these systems with brands like LG and Vizio.

Second, you can purchase several bookshelf speakers that can be linked together for continuous music throughout your giftee’s home. Bookshelf speakers are easy to move around to customize the listening experience. They can readily be linked and unlinked to go from group listening throughout the house to personal listening in each room. Ultimate Ears, Sony, and JBL each carry speakers that will fit the bill.

While Bluetooth is best known for simplifying the home theater and audio experience, it has versatile applications. From wearable tech to printers and scanners, there are plenty of Bluetooth Christmas gifts to explore. For even more tech-savvy gifts, check out our Top Electronic Gifts for Christmas.