Best Bedspreads for Summer
bed with medallion patterned quilt with various throw pillows

Natural Fibers to Absorb Sweat

Depending on your room’s level of insulation and airflow, along with your personal temperature preference and susceptibility to allergies, you should choose between synthetic, wool, feather, or eco-fill filling for your bedspread. When it comes to the fabric, opt for moisture-wicking natural fibers, such as linen, percale, bamboo, or cotton, which are lighter and more breathable than synthetic materials.


If you’re worried about the occasional cool summer breeze lowering the temperature, place a blanket or comforter at the foot of your bed. To find light blankets for summer, read How to Pick the Best Blankets by Material.

light colored bedding and button tufted headboard

Light Colored Fabrics to Regulate Heat

Color combinations that match the season and are on the lighter side help to repel sunlight and keep fabric cool. So, when choosing a summer bedspread, select colors that evoke the season. These include clean whites, which will reflect any sunlight that shines through bedroom windows during the day, and traditional cool colors, such as light blues and greens or even spa blue.


Another fitting summer bedspread color scheme is white-and-navy-blue, which conveys a coastal, nautical feeling. Some patterned bedspreads better lend themselves to summertime than others, such as florals and nature prints.

bed with floral comforter with matching throw pillows and grey button tufted headboard

Lightweight Materials for Ventilation

Although they’re generally much thinner than comforters, bedspreads vary in thickness depending on the type and volume of batting they contain. If you tend to overheat easily, you’re a good candidate for a light, cotton bedspread that’s as thin or thinner than the average blanket. Such bedspreads are more for appearance than warmth, giving “hot sleepers” an alternative to a bed made simply with sheets. A bedspread made from a cotton-polyester blend will fight bacteria and won’t stick to your skin.

White bed spread with matching pillows

All-Season Bedspreads for Versatility

If swapping bedspreads twice a year seems like too much trouble, you could opt for an all-season bedspread. This style of bedspread is actually two pieces that snap together to provide extra insulation during the cooler months. Some people may find it convenient to buy an entire summer bedding set rather than just a bedspread. They’re often only slightly higher in cost than a solo bedspread.


And you don’t have to stop with a new summer bedding set. If you like the idea of coordinating your bedroom for the season, consider buying some throws and decorative pillows to add style and comfort to your summer afternoon naps.

No matter the season, it’s important to buy a bedspread that fits properly. To ensure a snug but proper fit, it’s best to measure your bed yourself. Read our Bed Size Fact Sheet to find the right dimensions for your summer bedspread.