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Best Bedspreads for Guys

Best Bedspreads for Guys

Red white and blue comforter set
When decorating a guy's bedroom, the bedspread often becomes the focal point of the room. Bedspreads designed with bold colors, striking logos and simple, geometric designs are most suitable for a guys' bedroom. Darker colors and printed styles with logos of a favorite sports team or hobby are just a few options for guy's bedding, and there are dozens of options available for twin, full and king beds. Take a look below to learn the best bedspreads for guys.
Red white and blue comforter set

Guys’ Bedspreads:


Dark Suede Bedspreads

Guys who want a modern bedspread that goes with almost any decor style can decorate their bed with a dark, solid-colored bedspread made of suede. Suede adds a rich and luxurious touch to any room, and darker colors, such as dark blue, brown, hunter green, black, purple and red, can create a modern, sophisticated look.


Sports Bedspreads

A favorite sports team may be a good choice in design for a guy’s bedspread and can be complemented with other matching bedding, like sheets and throw pillows. Football teams, basketball team mascots and sports-themed prints can be a fun and eye-catching addition to a man’s bedroom decor.


Camouflage Bedspreads

Camouflage prints are suitable for guys who have interest in the military, hunting and outdoor sports. The traditional camouflage-print bedspread in green and white isn’t the only option. Camouflage-print bedspreads may be available in black and white, brown and green, and navy blue and white.


Southwestern Bedspreads

A comforter with a Southwestern theme made of geometric prints and rustic, bold colors can be a subtle way to add style to a guy’s bedroom. Southwestern-themed bedspreads can complement almost any bedroom style and can be matched with bold-colored throw pillows to create a masculine look.


Art Deco Design Bedspreads

An Art Deco-design bedspread is a great match for a guy’s bedroom decorated in a modern or contemporary style. Art Deco designs and geometric prints are eye-catching yet masculine and will add a decorative touch to a room. Consider choosing darker color palettes, including red and black, dark blue, rich brown and dark green for a modern bedspread that will make an impression.