Best Bedding for Sofa Beds

Best Bedding for Sofa Beds

Best Bedding for Sofa Beds
When unexpected visitors drop in, sofa beds are an invaluable piece of furniture. But before your sleepy guests check in for the night, you're going to need some bedding to keep them comfortable and warm. If you are going to invest in sofa beds, you're going to want something better than just any old blanket. Have a bedding set prepared for when travel-weary visitors wind up on your doorstep. Here are some ideas on what to keep close at hand for your sofa bed should guests appear.
Best Bedding for Sofa Beds

Bedding for Sofa Beds:

Mattress Pad

Throwing on a fitted mattress pad can enhance the already excellent comfort provided by sofa beds. Your guests will love the added padding and you’ll like the added protection to your sofa bed. If you choose futon beds over conventional fold-out sofa beds, you’ll need a futon cover. See more tips in How to Pick a Mattress Pad for a Sleeper Sofa.

Fitted Sheets

Many modern sofa beds don’t come with a foldable mattress. To increase comfort, most simply flatten out to form a mattress. As such, the material of the sofa itself becomes the mattress. To protect your sofa beds from wear and tear, make sure to cover them with a fitted sheet each time a guest comes to call. Your visitor will sleep better anyway, especially on microfiber or leather sofa beds that can retain a good deal of heat.

Regular Sheets

A simple sheet is a great way to add extra heat in the winter or just enough coverage during the summer. When it is too warm in the summer to use a thick comforter, visitors can still sleep comfortably on sofa beds with just a simple, thin sheet.


You don’t need an elaborate, thick comforter for your sleeper sofa. Just keep it simple with a sensible comforter that is easy to store. Some sofa beds come with compartments to store bedding and other items. If so, be sure to pick out a comforter that isn’t too bulky to easily store when folded.


Once again, the best pillows for sofa beds are easily stored. Any more than two pillows for a sofa bed is overkill. If they are on a road trip, many travelers will bring their own pillow to use in the car, so don’t get too elaborate with your own. A couple simple, compactable pillows will be a perfect fit to pull out for visitors.

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