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Best Bedding Gifts for Christmas

Best Bedding Gifts for Christmas

Best Bedding Gifts for Christmas
This Christmas, give the coziest gift of all with bedding and bedding accessories. From luxury sheet sets to comfortable memory foam, bedding can make a great gift. Keep reading to learn more about cozy, comfy Christmas gifts that make for dream-worthy sleep and a beautifully accessorized bedroom.
Best Bedding Gifts for Christmas


This Christmas, allow your loved one to snuggle up in style with a handy throw blanket. Brands like Woolrich and Pendleton offer stylish, rustic woolens while Ibena and Eddie Bauer offer the finest in fleece and cotton. If the person on your list is a fan of texture, look for cable-knit throws by Brielle or opt for a wild look with faux fur throws.


Quilts are heritage pieces that make a home feel lived in. For the new homeowner, the handmade look of a quilt adds a touch of personality to the house and is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Patterns and colors are a great way to match your gift to someone’s personal tastes. Brands like Laura Ashley offer feminine and floral styles while Madison Park offers everything from traditional to modern fashions.

Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper is the perfect Christmas gift to ensure your loved one gets a great night’s sleep. Look to Beauty Rest and Serta for memory foam toppers that provide optimal support and extend the life of a mattress. If you want to go the extra mile, choose cooling gel memory foam for temperature control. For the person on your list who likes things on the fluffy side, opt for a feather mattress topper.

Luxury Sheets

Your giftee can fall into luxury each night with sheet sets that will make them want to never leave the bed. Thread counts for luxury sheets range from 450 to 1500, so check the numbers before purchasing a set to ensure you’re getting the quality you want. Sheets made from Belgian linen, Egyptian cotton, Tencel, and percale provide a high-end sleeping experience. Be sure to consider your giftee’s bed size and whether they would benefit from deep-pocketed sheets.

Electric Blankets

The only thing that makes watching holiday movies, enjoying the winter season, and eating Christmas cookies even better is a heated blanket. Brands like Sunbeam and Beautyrest offer microfleece blankets with various thicknesses, sizes, and settings to ensure your loved one never catches a chill.

Throw Pillows

Help your giftee accessorize their home with seasonal or decorative throw pillows. Large throw pillows make for great extra seating in a pinch, and they can be an affordable, easy way to refresh a room’s look. Shop for trends like faux fur and cable prints for a wintry look, or have fun giving graphic prints and emoji-themed pillows.

Down Comforters

A down comforter is possibly the smartest piece of bedding you can get someone for Christmas. Comforters aren’t too light or too heavy, so they transition well from season to season, and their insulating properties are unbeatable. If you can afford it, goose down is the way to go because it provides all-natural warmth and is more breathable than down alternative. Down alternatives include synthetic fibers that are made to look, feel, and act like real down and are usually a more affordable option. If you choose to give a down comforter, don’t forget to purchase a duvet cover to protect and extend the life of the comforter.


Pillow stuffing breaks down easily over the years, making shuteye a lot less comfortable. Help your loved ones get the best sleep ever with down or memory foam pillows. A cooling memory foam pillow is great for the giftee who always seems to be hot when sleeping. A down pillow is wonderful for the person who doesn’t want anything too firm, but still likes comfort and support.

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