Best Barware Gifts for Christmas

Best Barware Gifts for Christmas

Best Barware for Christmas
Giving cool barware gifts is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays with your favorite mixologist. The best barware can be personalized and will last for years, seeing use at many Christmas parties to come. Whether you’re shopping for a Scotch fan or wine aficionado, get inspired with cool drinking gifts that will make them say “cheers!”

Best Barware for Christmas

Barware Gifts and Accessories:

1. Cocktail Shaker

A cocktail shaker is a must-have barware staple that is both a statement piece and an essential for crafting the perfect martini. Go practical with the classic stainless-steel look or dress things up with rose gold or hammered copper. You can find versions of Boston shakers or cobbler shakers in most sets. For a fun twist, look for a shaker with measurement markings so the home bartender on your list can craft the perfect beverage every time.

2. Accent Drink Coaster

Coasters are the best barware for protecting wood tables and other furniture surfaces. Drink coasters come in a variety of designs, styles, and materials, but they all look cool in a relaxed bar setting. When buying coasters as a Christmas gift, look for some that match their style or drink of choice to make the best impression.

3. Whiskey Tumblers

Whether your giftee likes their whiskey straight or neat, any whiskey lover will appreciate the addition of some tumblers to their barware collection. A set of whiskey tumblers is a great barware gift for anyone who loves cocktails or straight sipping. Keep it simple or go the monogrammed route for an extra distinctive touch. Whiskey tumblers are available in cut crystal, classic glass, or copper tumblers.

4. Bar Tool Set

A good bar set comes with everything they need to measure, stir, strain, and serve artful libations. Whether they’re experimenting with new flavors or whipping up a nightcap, they’ll need bar basics, such as a jigger, trainer, stirrer, and ice bucket, to complete their home bar. Look for dishwasher safe pieces with built-in strainers that are made with durable materials.

5. Bar Cart

Give them a way to show off their well-stocked stash and favorite barware with a quality bar cart. Bar carts are among the coolest drinking gifts because they bring an element of practical beauty to any kitchen, living room, or home bar. The best bar carts have multiple shelves or racks for glasses and accessories to be hung on and often come in sleek finishes like gold or brass.

6. Wine Aerator

For the wine lover with refined taste, the best barware gift is one that brings a new dimension to their favorite drink. Wine aerators increase the full flavor potential of any bottle or vintage. An aerator increases the surface area of wine as you pour, allowing it to breathe and releasing a wider flavor profile. The best wine aerators attach to the bottle for uncomplicated use.

7. Ice Bucket

Full ice buckets keep the cocktails flowing at dinner parties and gatherings. Whether shaken or stirred, many cocktails call for ice, so it’s important to have more than a few cubes ready. Quality ice buckets are well insulated and come with a pair of tongs to make mixing up drinks easier and cleaner.

8. Whiskey Stones

A set of whiskey stones is a great barware gift for the persnickety whiskey lover who refuses to water down their drink. Made of solid cubes of soapstone, whiskey stones are odorless, tasteless, and cool quickly in the freezer to keep drinks chilled without changing the flavor of their favorite label.

9. Electric Wine Opener

Every wine lover knows the struggle of wrestling with a corkscrew. Save them the headache with a cool barware gift like an electric wine opener. The best models are automatic, rechargeable, and incredibly convenient for anyone who loves wine. Perfect for red, white, and anything in between, this is one of the coolest barware gifts you can get for the vino fan in your life.

10. Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

For anyone who loves to crack open a cold one, this cool barware gift is practical and doubles as an accent piece. A wall-mounted bottle opener is easy to install and can keep bottle caps from taking over the room. Many come with magnets or little baskets to catch and store caps until you’re ready to dispose of them. Wall-mounted bottle openers are great for a kitchen or man cave as well as outdoor areas like a deck or garage.

11. Wine Bottle Stoppers

Some of the best barware gifts make it easy for them to drink at their convenience. Wine bottle stoppers are barware essentials for saving leftovers. From silly to elegant, wine bottle stoppers come in many shapes and designs, so you’re bound to find one that matches your giftee’s personality and style.

12. Fun Drinking Games

If the person you’re buying for loves having friends over for drinks, think beyond traditional barware gifts and get them a fun drinking game. With games like chess, spin the shot, and tic-tac-toe, they can keep the party going in a fun and interactive way. Many of these games are perfect for anyone who enjoys a healthy dose of liquor and shots.

13. Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

Moscow mules are popular for their refreshing taste and the signature copper barware they’re typically served in. However, you can find a range of mule mugs in different colors, finishes, and even with personalization options.

14. Shot Glass Set

Whether they’re a real party animal or simply prefer to measure their cocktails carefully, fun sets of shot glasses are great barware gifst. You can find a simple, elegant set for a more refined gift or a fun party set they can enjoy with friends. Bottoms up!