Best Baby Gifts for New Moms

by Christie Leman


Choosing the best baby gifts for new moms can be tricky, but every mother needs a few key items to help make the first weeks and months of parenthood a little easier. While a new mom may be thankful for all the baby supplies she receives, some will help her so much in her new role that she will be eternally grateful.

Gifts for New Moms:

  1. Rock her world. A comfortable rocking chair or glider is a must for every nursery. A new mom needs a cozy seat where she can relax to feed and rock her baby. Many expectant moms think any old chair will do, but padded gliders with ottomans make the experience more memorable and comfortable. Choose a glider that coordinates with the nursery theme or colors.

  2. Say cheese! You can never take too many pictures or videos of an infant, so make sure the parents have the best picture-taking gear. A high-quality digital camera or camcorder will allow them to record lasting memories of their child's first days, weeks, months, and years.

  3. Give tired arms a rest.Whether a new mom is breastfeeding or bottle-feeding her baby, her arms are bound to get tired. A nursing pillow makes feeding time comfortable for both Mom and baby. Specially designed nursing pillows help support the baby's weight as he eats, taking much of the weight off the mother's back, shoulders, and arms. Nursing pillows come in many adorable designs, and some have washable covers that can be easily swapped to coordinate with the nursery decor.

  4. It's a dirty job, but you can help. No new mom is prepared for the amount of diapers her newborn will go through. For this reason, diaper bags, diaper stackers, changing pads, diaper pails, wipes, and diapers make great baby gifts. While diapering gear may not be a glamorous gift, a mom will appreciate it, as parents spend a lot of money in their baby's first year on diapers and related items.

  5. Take the weight off her shoulders. Carrying around a growing infant in a bulky car seat can get tiring fast. Baby carriers and slings allow Mom to have body contact with her newborn while freeing her hands for other tasks. Babies love baby carriers, too, and often are quite content to take walks while riding right next to Mom. Choose a style that seems like the best fit for the new mother.

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