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Best Baby Gifts for a Newborn

by Rupa Raman

Newborn Gift

Newborn gifts range from the useful and practical to the whimsical and luxurious. When selecting a baby gift for a newborn, you may be wondering how to choose something unique that won't be like all the other presents at a baby shower. To find the best newborn baby gift, consider what you know about the baby and the lifestyle of the parents and consider gifts that the parents truly want.

  1. Toys. Baby toys always make good gifts for newborns. Even if the toys won't be played with right away, parents can use them to provide stimulatory experiences and items such as rattles, stuffed animals, soft blocks and musical mobiles all provide the developing baby with learning opportunities.

  2. Books. Children can never have too many books. Reading to and with a little one can help them develop language skills and imaginative qualities. Many parents start reading to baby from day one and find that it is a valuable bonding experience. Any baby book with a simple, clean layout, contrasting visuals and short, straightforward text makes a good choice. Look for touch-and-feel books, pop-up books and books with mirrors, which are all fun for babies.

  3. Blankets. Keep baby warm and comfortable with a soft blanket. A luxury blanket made of cashmere or silk can be a nice change from other gifts and will probably become a family treasure. Blankets that have been embroidered with the baby's name or initials are also a unique newborn baby gift. Baby blankets that have been folded into the shape of a cake or other decorative item are fun to give on their own or as part of a gift basket.

  4. Larger items. Many parents find that they simply can't afford to purchase all of the baby gear that they really want. If you are looking for a newborn baby gift that will impress, then you might consider purchasing a larger item, such as a swing, a rocking chair or a video baby monitor. Surprise the mom-to-be in your group of friends with something she has been wanting by gifting something expensive with several other people.

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