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Best Accent Gemstones for Engagement Rings


Nine gemstone engagement rings

When you are shopping for engagement rings, you may want something that is unique and unlike anyone else's ring. Consider engagement rings with accent gemstones. Gemstones can add a lot of decoration and symbolism to engagement jewelry. These gemstones are all great options for engagement rings.

Engagement Ring Gemstones:

  1. Precious gemstones: Diamonds are precious gemstones, along with sapphires, emeralds and rubies. It's only natural that these valuable gems be used to embellish engagement jewelry and wedding jewelry. Rubies are red, making them the perfect choice to bring passion to a piece of meaningful jewelry. Emeralds are rare, so a special romantic occasion is the perfect time to indulge in these green stones. Sapphires come in many colors, including blue, pink and orange. Choose the sapphires that capture your affection. Everyone will be impressed by your interesting gemstone engagement ring.

  2. Birthstones: A piece of gemstone jewelry exists for every birth month. To make your engagement ring more meaningful, choose your birthstone to accent the jewelry. Gemstone rings with a lovely diamond solitaire and two accompanying opals help you celebrate your love affair and your October birthday. Surprise your girlfriend with an engagement ring that is adorned with pearls to help her celebrate her June birthday.

  3. Colored diamonds: An engagement ring made entirely of diamonds doesn't have to be boring. Colored diamonds bring life to any piece of gemstone jewelry. Colored diamonds, also called "fancy diamonds," are available in many natural and enhanced hues. Pink and yellow diamonds are the most popular fancy diamonds in engagement rings. Blue, brown and black diamonds are cool, modern options.

  4. Gemstones with romantic mythology: Make your engagement ring really meaningful with gemstones found in romantic mythological tales. Legend has it that aquamarines help spouses find resolutions to disagreements to ensure everlasting love. Garnet is associated with loyalty. Choose romantic gemstones as accents for your engagement ring and you'll feel surrounded by love at all times.

  5. Unique gemstones: Unusual gemstones are often eye-catching and awe-inspiring. For a remarkable, singular woman, consider a ring with unique gemstones, like tiger's eye, morganite or moonstone.

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