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Best 16th Birthday Gifts for Girls

Best 16th Birthday Gifts for Girls

Best 16th Birthday Gifts for Girls
Do you know a girl who will be turning 16 soon? Help her celebrate this milestone with a "sweet 16" birthday present that she'll love. When you're shopping for her, remember to consider her personality and her interests, and you'll end up with the perfect gift.
Best 16th Birthday Gifts for Girls

Sweet Sixteen Gifts for Girls:

Beauty Queen

If you know a teenager who loves to stay on top of beauty trends and always takes the time to put her best face forward, indulge her in the beauty products she loves. Perfume by her favorite fashion brand, a set of make-up brushes, or a hair straightener would each be a great gift for this girl. You could also put together a fun mani-pedi gift basket with nail care supplies and a few nail polishes.

Fan Girl

She may be devoted to a YA book series, or she may only have ears for her favorite pop singer, but if you know a fan girl, there is no doubt where her affections lie. You can’t go wrong with a gift that celebrates the object of her obsession. A hardcover set of books, a season of her favorite TV show on DVD, or fashion accessories that proclaim her love would all make great gifts for this girl.


She’s planning on being the center of attention for her Sweet 16, so make sure this girl’s birthday present meets her expectations. Some sparkling jewelry would be a perfect gift. A diamond pendant necklace or a pair of diamond stud earrings are perfect for a girl this age. This is a 16-year-old who may also have a taste for designer goods, so consider giving her a handbag or a pair of sunglasses from her favorite label.


Some girls just love excitement, whether it comes from surfing, snowboarding, or skateboarding. If the birthday girl is a budding adrenaline junkie, give her a gift that will help her with her hobby, and do it safely. Whether you get a skater girl a new longboard or you get a future roller derby girl a sweet set of skates, make sure you also get her the protective gear to go along with it.


She has big plans for college already figured out, and her life now is all about hitting the books. She may be focused, but she’s still a kid, so look for fun gifts that will also help her reach her goals. A backpack is an essential for a student, and she may like an upgrade to one with polka dots or a pretty pattern. A planner can help her keep track of tests and due dates, and you can choose one that has a style that suits her sense of style.