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Best 16th Birthday Gifts for Boys

Best 16th Birthday Gifts for Boys

Best 16th Birthday Gifts for Boy
Whether it's your son, your grandson, your nephew, or your brother, if you know a boy who is turning 16 soon, you'll want to get him the perfect gift that lets him know you think he's awesome. Start by considering his interests and hobbies. These birthday gift ideas should help you find the best 16th birthday present for him.
Best 16th Birthday Gifts for Boy

16th Birthday Gifts for Boys:

The guy who loves style:

For many teenagers, looking good every day is very important. If the soon-to-be 16-year-old you know likes clothes, you can give a gift that shows that you like when he looks nice, too. Make sure to consider what he’s into before you buy him any clothing. Some guys like hoodies and sneakers, while other prefer blazers and premium denim. Be sure to notice what styles his friends are wearing, so you can be sure he’ll be comfortable wearing his new clothes.

The athlete:

If he likes getting out and playing sports, make sure he has the latest gear, whether that’s a new hockey stick, a new snowboard deck, or a new skateboard. If he’s all about supporting his favorite team or professional athlete, get him a cool sports collectible, like a signed baseball or a framed jersey.

The video gamer:

It’s easy to find a 16-year-old who likes video games, and many would like to have the latest video game system, whether it’s one to play at home or it’s a handheld one he can take with him. If he already has an up-to-date system, see if there is a new game that he wants to play or if there are accessories for his console that would help him enjoy his games more or make it so he can play with more of his friends.

The scholar:

Some kids take school more seriously than others, and if you know a teenage boy who is focused on preparing for college more than anything else, shop for gifts that will help him reach those goals. This may be something as simple as a test prep guide, or he may need something larger, like a new homework desk.

The music lover:

You may not love the music he’s into, but you can show him you appreciate his passion. An MP3 player and a high-quality set of headphones are one of the favorite ways for teenage guys to listen to music. And if he’s a fan of music, he may want to play it, too. If he has expressed an interest in learning a musical instrument, his 16th birthday is the perfect time to get it for him. If he hasn’t named one instrument specifically, find out what his favorite kind of music is and get him an instrument that would let him play it; that may be a guitar or that may be some DJ equipment.