Bedroom Styles for Your Home

Bedroom Styles for Your Home

Your bedroom should be a personal retreat from the pressures and responsibilities of day-to-day living. Make your bedroom a reflection of your personality that both makes an impression and feels like home. Use these popular bedroom styles as inspiration as you dream up your perfect space.

Bedroom Design Styles


Coastal Bedroom

Coastal style bedroom with nautical quilt

A Coastal style bedroom is the nautical-inspired paradise you’ve been dreaming of. A palette of blues and greens alongside reliable neutrals complements a clean and airy interior to create a bedroom that feels fresh and inviting. Using natural elements like glass, driftwood, rope, and seashells to decorate your space continues the beach theme and brings some variety to your decor. Real wood furniture also lends to the natural vibe and is a sturdy foundation for your oceanside oasis. Mix and match these breezy elements to make a Coastal bedroom that’s perfectly suited to your taste.


Scandinavian Bedroom

Scandinavian style bedroom

A Nordic getaway is just a few steps away with Scandinavian style. A Scandinavian bedroom makes use of neutral tones, soft pastels, simply designed furniture, and a minimal approach to bedroom decor. These elements combine to create a tranquil space that’s stylish and roomy. Tapered-leg furniture is a Scandinavian hallmark, which gives a modern feel to this design style. Small bedrooms in particular can benefit from the minimalist emphasis and open ambiance that Scandinavian style exemplifies. You may want to consider faux fur throws, area rugs, and throw pillows to make your room even more inviting and cozy. Get this comfy yet sleek look with just a few bedroom basics.


Industrial Bedroom

Industrial style bedroom with geometric patterned grey/tan comforter on bed

Creating the perfect Industrial bedroom means establishing comfort while remaining true to the reclaimed warehouse aesthetic. Continuing this contrast will result in an eclectic and fresh bedroom style. Your bed, which is the focal point of the room, should be made of metal or a darker wood, with white or neutral bedding adding a luxurious touch. An area rug or two will soften the surrounding brick, metal, and cement while introducing some visual depth and texture. Feel free to stick with minimal decor elements – this is one bedroom style that speaks for itself.


Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Mid-Century modern style bedroom

For a tastefully retro appeal that’s always on trend, see what Mid-Century Modern style can do for your bedroom. A bed frame with a rich tone, such as walnut, is the perfect centerpiece of a Mid-Mod bedroom. Tapered and slanted legs are staples of Mid-Century furniture, so expect to see them supporting beds, dressers, and nightstands. Bright, vibrant colors come through in the bedroom decor, whether it’s an accent chair, funky throw pillows, or a geometrically patterned rug. Mid-Century Modern style is a great fit for those seeking a clean and sophisticated bedroom space.


Glam Bedroom

Glam style bedroom with chrome poster bed and faux fur throw

A bedroom decorated in Glam style marries high fashion and luxe comfort with all the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood penthouse. Gold, silver, and chrome are welcome colors alongside sleek metals and shimmering accents.  A plush shag rug and a few faux fur throw pillows provide texture and lend to the overall sense of luxury. When it comes to Glam style, the bolder, the better. A brass or bronze bed frame is a flashy way to dress up your bed, and as far as bedding is concerned, excess is encouraged. This posh bedroom style will have you feeling like a bona-fide movie star.


Modern Bedroom

Modern style bedroom with white leather bed frame

If you sleep best in a clean, clutter-free space, then a Modern style bedroom might be just what you need. A Modern bedroom takes a no-frills approach to furniture and decor, but maintains a distinct look and feel that’s immediately recognizable. Using defined edges and low-profile furnishings to maximize your existing space, Modern style also brings a sleek and contemporary feel to your room with elements made from glass, leather, and shiny metals. A neutral palette and basic bedding will help make your Modern bedroom a tranquil and relaxing retreat.


Shabby Chic Bedroom

Shabby chic style bedroom with traditional bed and patterned quilt

You can turn to Shabby Chic style for a picture-perfect bedroom that looks like it’s been plucked straight from a dollhouse. Beds and nightstands should have a lightly distressed appearance, and you can’t go wrong with white, cream, and pearl accents. If you want to bring some color into the room, pastels are your ticket to a charming Shabby Chic glow. Bedding should be soft and plentiful. You may even want to experiment with ruffles or lace in your decor scheme. Decorate any open spaces with your favorite knick-knacks and treasures to really make the space your own.


French Country Bedroom

French country style bedroom with elegant duvet

A provincial spin on Traditional style that emphasizes comfort and luxury, French Country creates an inviting and homey bedroom. The foundation of a French Country bedroom is furniture that’s plush and practical. A tufted headboard, cushioned ottoman or trunk, or comfy armchair will soften the appearance of any bedroom and make you feel like you’ll sink in no matter where you sit. Toile or floral print bedding, fluffy pillows, and quilted throws will only enhance the cozy theme. Fill empty walls and surfaces with country-inspired decor like bird cages, antique mirrors, and vintage art to make your bedroom an old-fashioned cuddle hole you’ll never want to leave.


Rustic Bedroom

Rustic style bedroom with leather bed frame and animal skin throw on bed

Whether you’re redoing your bedroom at home or at the family cabin, Rustic style will help you create a cozy and rugged personal escape. When decorating a Rustic bedroom, natural elements are your best friend. Sturdy bedroom furniture made from weathered oak or walnut contributes to a strong Rustic atmosphere. Galvanized metal can be incorporated into furniture and decor elements such as nightstand- and dresser-hardware as well as wall art. Soften the room with crisp linens and cozy blankets. A Rustic bedroom will make you feel like you’ve come home to country living.


Boho Chic Bedroom

Boho chic style bedroom with bright blue quilt

Boho Chic style is a surefire recipe for a relaxing Zen bedroom. This unique Bohemian fusion of nature and plush comfort is perfect for the adventurous traveler, yogi, or free spirit. A Boho Chic bedroom combines natural wood furniture and decor with bright colors and patterns for an eye-catching design that’s as comfy as it is refreshing. Hung blankets or tapestries, reclaimed or recycled wood, and plentiful lighting are just a few of the Bohemian basics that will transform your space. Just make sure to follow the Boho Chic motto: “There’s no such thing as too many pillows.”


Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse style bedroom with rustic four poster bed

Farmhouse style offers another take on a country-inspired bedroom, this time with a focus on the simple things. Simple white linens, draperies, and bedding complement a no-frills painted metal bedframe. Or, opt for weathered wooden bedroom furniture for a rustic touch that will give your bedroom a lived-in look. Bringing in woven elements such as a wicker basket or jute rug lend a home-spun country appeal. Farm-inspired accents and wall art are charming additions that will add some personality and style to your new Farmhouse bedroom.