2 Cozy Bedroom Nook Ideas

2 Cozy Bedroom Nook Ideas

This guide is part of our Overstock Stylist Commentary series, home design tips written by industry experts.


by Logan R.
Senior Stylist

My name is Logan and I’m the Senior Stylist here at Overstock. My background is in fine art and I got my master’s degree in painting before moving into the world of photography. I’ve been styling props and interiors for almost a decade, and love that I’m able to utilize my education daily.


A nook in your bedroom is the perfect place to carve out a little space just for you — away from the hustle and bustle of the living room. Overstock’s Senior Stylist Logan R. shares two ideas for adding a small sanctuary in your bedroom.


Create a Bedroom Reading Nook

Reading nooks are a super snug option for a bedroom. They don’t require much square footage to be functional so they can work in most any size room. A comfy chair, a bit of book storage, and you’re practically there! The chair used in this reading nook is both comfortable and stylish. Its wood frame adds warmth and ties into the room’s other natural materials, like the woven bench and jute pouf. If you have trouble keeping your bookshelves organized, arranging books by color instantly makes shelves looks tidy and adds a graphic punch.


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Create a Bedroom Office Nook

With a lot of us having to work from home more, we have to get inventive when it comes to finding ways to achieve it. The bedroom is often the best place to create an office nook in order to work free from distraction. A campaign style desk is perfect for getting work done with its classic lines and ample tabletop space. If you only need space for a laptop, it can also double a a vanity. Add a mirror and a tray to house your perfume collection to make your nook double duty. Finish off your home office nook with a comfortable and durable leather chair and you’re ready to crush the work week.


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