Bedding Buying Guide

bed with purple and gold bedding
There's a lot that goes into creating the bed of your dreams. From the fill of your pillows to the fabric of your comforter, the look and feel of your bed are determined by several different pieces of bedding. Use these bedding tips to help choose the best bedding for you and create a bed you'll love falling into every night.

bed with purple and gold bedding

1. Use a Topper and Mattress Pad

A mattress topper made from gel or memory foam can give a firm mattress a cloud-like plushness. Choosing the right density of topper will let you fine-tune the amount of support provided by your mattress to your exact preferences. Toppers also have several other benefits, such as regulating your temperature as you sleep. For help picking out a memory foam topper for your bed, our Memory Foam Buying Guide will put you on the path to the topper of your dreams.

To protect your topper from stains and add extra softness, cover it with a mattress pad. A waterproof mattress pad will prevent spills from seeping into your topper or mattress and protect against dust and dirt.

2. Lay Down Sheets

Bed sheets are your first opportunity to determine the style and feel of your bed. Bed sheet sets generally include a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases. The wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs available for bed sheets provide nearly endless style possibilities, so choose bed sheets that you’ll be able to coordinate with easily. Also, consider the type and quality of fabric you choose, since this will affect how comfortable you are as you sleep. Our Sheets Buying Guide will show you exactly what to look for in sheets to ensure a good night’s sleep.

3. Pile Up the Pillows

Whether you prefer a mountain of pillows on your bed or just one, pillows are an integral part of a comfortable bed. Filled pillows and memory foam pillows both come in several sizes to match the size of your bed and provide specific comfort benefits, so be sure to use our Pillows Buying Guide to find the right one for you. Matching pillowcases to cover your pillows are usually included with your sheets or duvet cover set, but individual pillowcases can also be used to mix up the look.

4. Choose a Comforter or Duvet

A comforter or duvet cover is the most visible layer of your bed, so this is where style matters most. Duvet cover sets include a cover and matching pillowcases that protect and style your down comforter. There are also stylish comforter sets that don’t need a duvet cover. Consider the filling and the density of your comforter, since this layer decides how warm or cool you are at night. If you need help making a decision, use these helpful guides to get a comprehensive look at your options:

5. Consider a Bedspread or Quilt

A bedspread or a thin quilt makes a great summer option for nights when a comforter would be too warm, or it can act as an added layer when the colder seasons set in. While a bedspread or quilt isn’t necessarily an essential bedding item, they can bring an added touch of fashion and comfort to any ensemble. Look through our
Bedspreads vs. Comforters guide to see the benefits of both these options so you can choose the proper bedding layers for your needs.

6. Bring in a Bed Skirt

Cover up a box spring or bed frame, or hide the storage space under your bed with a fashionable bed skirt. Bed skirts can come with comforter sets for a perfectly coordinated look, or you can purchase individual bed skirts for a custom look. From sleek, plain bed skirts to ruffled bed skirts with eye-catching texture, there are plenty of options to complement your bedding.

7. Customize with Decorative Pillows

Bring your bed to a new level of style and comfort with throw pillows or shams. These decorative pillows offer almost unlimited ways to add colors, patterns, and textures to your bedding. Different shapes and sizes of pillows keeps your arrangement fresh and interesting.

8. Complete the Look with Blankets or Throws

Use throws or blankets to add one last attractive accent to the top of your bed. This layer is usually more decorative than functional but can still contribute plenty of comfort. Throws made from faux-fur or blankets with woven textures work well as tactile complements to your bed’s look, while printed throws help enhance the theme of your bed and show off your personal style.

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