Bed Sheet Thread Count Fact Sheet

Navy sheets on bed
In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about bed sheet thread count. Make sleeping, reading, and television binge watching so much better by upping your bed sheet thread count.

Navy sheets on bed
Infographic of material weave

What is bed sheet thread count?

The thread count is the number of weft (horizontal) and warp (vertical) threads per square inch. For example, a square inch of 300 thread count sheets would have 150 vertical threads and 150 horizontal threads.

Infographic of price comparison for sheet sets

What is a “good” thread count?

Most shoppers don’t buy sheets with a thread count lower than 200. Though there are lower thread count sheets available, these bed sheets are not very soft or durable. The most popular thread counts — and the biggest bang for your buck — are 600 to 1000.

White and grey Egyptian cotton sheets

Are Egyptian cotton sheets really better?

As the name implies, Egyptian cotton comes from Egypt. Widely accepted as the king of cotton, Egyptian cotton is the ideal material for sheets. The staple, or fiber length, of Egyptian cotton is longer than regular cotton, which increases the softness, weight, and longevity of the sheets. Its superior softness and durability make it perfect for bedding.

Flannel pillows

Do flannel sheets have a thread count?

Although thread count is an indicator of quality in cotton and Egyptian cotton sheets, flannel is measured in ounces or grams per square meter (GSM). Some companies may list a thread count for flannel sheets, but you shouldn’t pass up a set of flannel sheets with a low thread count. Look for a GSM of at least 160, and a weight of 4 ounces.

Purple satin sheets

Do silk sheets have a thread count?

Like flannel, silk is measured by weight, not thread count. In fact, silk is measured in momme weight, which is the weight of 100 yards x 45 inches. If a product listed has a weight of 19mm, that means the weight of 100 yards x 45 inches of that particular silk is 19 pounds. The average momme weight for silk sheets is 15, but if you find higher, it’s worth its weight.

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