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Bed Canopies Fact Sheet

by Jacqueline Thomas

Queen bed with a white canopy

Whimsical and romantic, bed canopies are often a throwback to old-world royalty. Placing a canopy over your bed will instantly add glamour and definitive style to a room. Although a canopy bed is considered a luxury, this type of bed has humble beginnings. Bed canopies have both utilitarian and decorative purposes. Learn more about this beautiful bedding choice in the bed canopies fact sheet below.

Facts about Bed Canopies:

  1. Origins: Bed canopies Bed canopies were originally created in the Middle Ages. They served as an additional layer of protection from elements that could fall through thatched roofs. Bed canopies were also ideal for keeping large bugs, such as mosquitoes, out of one's bed. These bugs were not only annoying, but also dangerous because they carried many diseases for which no vaccines were available. Canopies were actually considered a luxury for many throughout history, as the dramatic draping canopy added a touch of romance, whimsy and even privacy to the bed. Canopy beds conveyed a sense of regality and elegance.

  2. Privacy: Some bed canopies have curtains that enclose the bed. These curtains were once used to create privacy between a noble person and the servants. Canopy beds are also very appealing to kids, who can turn their beds into private club houses or forts. They're also great for children who share a room, as a child can draw the canopy's curtains and have some semblance of privacy.

  3. Warmth: Canopy curtains also stop heat from escaping and cold air from entering on drafty nights. If you live in an area that experiences chilly seasons, installing bed canopies is a great way to deter the cold. Choose a thicker canopy curtain that will retain heat and act as a blackout curtain, ensuring you get plenty of rest.

  4. Modern canopy: Most modern bed canopies are designed to hang directly from the ceiling. Because of this, any bed can be transformed into a canopy bed. Crown canopies are the most common ceiling-hanging versions around. They are hung in the shape of a half circle, which encompasses the foot and two sides of the bed.

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