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Bathroom Scales Fact Sheet

Bathroom Scales Fact Sheet

a glass bathroom scale on a bathroom floor
Bathroom scales come in many varieties. You can choose a simple, plastic, user-friendly weight scale with a minimum of functions and an analog display or an advanced glass bathroom scale with a built-in computer chip and digital read-out. Use our bathroom scale facts to select a scale that will help you maintain a healthy weight while also looking stylish in your bathroom and fitting into a compact space.
a glass bathroom scale on a bathroom floor

Bathroom Scales Info:


You can choose between analog and digital weight scales. Analog scales use a mechanical needle over a rotating number dial to indicate weight. When the user stands on the scale, internal springs turn the dial, and the weight is measured. Digital scales display the weight on a small screen. Digital scales usually display the weight to one-tenth of a pound.


Analog scales are usually quite simple and don’t offer functions other than weight measurement. Digital scales, on the other hand, often offer extra features. Some digital scales have the ability to store weight information for several users, and many may also calculate body-fat percentages. Some digital scales will also allow you to program weight goals and other information into the scale. Several digital scales even have wireless capabilities, which allow them to transmit your weight information to your computer for easier access and analyzing.


Both digital and analog scales have their drawbacks, so it is important to consider the cons carefully. Analog scales can become less accurate over time, as the springs in the scale wear down. Digital scales will need regular battery replacements or an outlet for power. Some users may find digital scales difficult to read, though larger, well-lit displays can solve this problem.

Weight Limits

Bathroom scales have weight limits. Each scale is different, but most bathroom scales can accommodate a maximum of 300 to 400 pounds. Some bathroom scales have higher weight limits if needed. Know the weight limit of the scale you are purchasing before buying.


Both digital and analog bathroom scales come in many styles so you can choose one that will match your bathroom or exercise room. Colorful scales come in many prints and patterns for individuals who want to match their shower curtain, rugs or towels. Neutral bathroom scales can blend in with a variety of decor options, while sleek glass and metal scales bring style to a minimalistic space.


Bathroom scales come in a variety of sizes. Digital and analog floor models are typically more compact than standing models. You might consider measuring your bathroom floor and comparing scale measurements before purchasing. Bathroom scales can also be stored away in a closet or cupboard if needed.


Individuals with pacemakers should avoid using digital bathroom scales. The electronic pulses released by the sensors may interfere with the performance of the pacemaker.