Bathroom Paint Ideas

Bathroom Paint Ideas

From compact half-baths to luxurious master attachments, your bathroom offers the perfect playground for color. Find the best paint for your bathroom with these popular bathroom paint colors.


Complement Bathroom Size With Paint Color

Take advantage of a spacious master bathroom to create a relaxing retreat. Pamper yourself and drift away with a glass of wine atop a bath tray surrounded by spa paint colors like mint green and soothing grey. Pale, cool shades reflect light to open up your space, so give blue, aqua, and pearly grey a chance. If your bathroom has no natural light, take a careful look at your light bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs amplify blues and greens but wash out warm colors, while incandescent bulbs intensify warm bathroom paint colors. The best colors for windowless bathrooms will play along with your interior lighting, so double-check your fixtures before you break out the brushes.


Dark, saturated bathroom paint colors give your space a cozy jewel-box vibe, so lean into your small bathroom with intense navy blue, burgundy, or slate grey. Play up the luxury with rubbed metal hardware and muted metallic accents. Complementary colors–sunny yellow in a blue bathroom, or glossy black in a cool white space–give your small bathroom get-up-and-go energy for those busy mornings. Those clouds of fragrant shower steam feel so much more luxurious when its billowing among sophisticated black or soothing blue walls.


Frame Your Style With the Perfect Bathroom Paint

Whether you like vintage warmth or contemporary chic, your bathroom can help unify your entire home. Farmhouse and rustic bathroom paint colors lean on neutral backdrops with a weathered edge. Think off-white, greige, or subtle creams, then wake them up with a shot of deep red or olive green on a bathroom accent wall. Need a little more color? Go with modern bathroom paint colors like trendy muted yellow, or make your neutral bathroom paint colors pop with a shot of purple, lime green, or peppery red.


Warm, versatile pink lends itself to contemporary or glam decor. Just play up the feminine tones with creamy accents, or create contemporary style with stark black. Blush-toned bathroom paint casts a flattering glow on your skin when you’re getting ready to go out. Go with a pink bathroom vanity color to linger over your makeup.


Bathroom cabinet paint colors provide an effortless accent that plays up your decor. Picture coastal shades of blue and green, or go classic with crisp, clean white. Don’t be afraid of the dark–deep navy and charcoal tones make your bathroom look chic and contemporary. Imagine splashing on cologne at a glossy black cabinet.


Go Beyond the Basic Bathroom Fixtures

Wake up bathroom fixtures with fresh paint. The best paint colors to go with almond bathroom fixtures amplify their classic light tan color–think dark greige or warm taupe for a subtle, coordinated look, and make a statement with plush linens or polished hardware. Off-white and almond create a clean, open look that works well for a guest bathroom or the kids’ bathroom. Want to go a little bolder? Emphasize neutral fixtures with oil-rubbed bronze hardware and a splash of jeweled teal or emerald.

Now that you know the best bathroom paint colors, explore options for the other rooms of your home. Use our guide on How to Choose the Best Paint Color for a Room. Shop all your bathroom needs at Overstock to get FREE SHIPPING* on everything!

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