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Bar Stool Price Guide

Bar Stool Price Guide

The home bar is where activity and relaxation peacefully co-exist, from cooking meals with your family to chatting over cocktails. But not just any bar stool can keep guests comfortable throughout a meal. Learn what kind of features and materials your budget for a bar stool can buy.

Disclaimer: Don’t forget to measure your bar or counter before shopping. Your stool should be about 10 inches shorter than your surface. At most home bars, that’s about 30 inches, or 24 inches at a standard kitchen counter.

Bar Stools Under $75

You can find a solid bar stool for under $75, provided you pay attention to what counts. Look for simple design and solid construction. Saddleback stools, padded stools, and basic metal designs are available at this price. Select sturdy materials that won’t break the bank, such as solid pine, rubberwood and metal. Backless bar stools are affordable and make a great choice in small spaces, tucking away under your bar or counter when not in use. Minimalist designs are well-represented in this category, too. Check out blonde wood stools for Scandinavian style or colorful painted metal for upbeat modern vibes. You can also find classic bistro stools and faux leather padded seats for a more traditional look.

Bar Stools Under $150

Consider upping your budget if you want a bar stool that’s comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. Features like a back, swivel seats, and height adjustment help you move easily while supporting your weight. This budget range also features unique styles that punch above their price tag. Consider mid-century bar stools with chrome or gold finishes to match your Eames-inspired home bar. You can also score bare-bones industrial styles featuring all-metal construction or reclaimed wooden stools for a farmhouse feel.

Bar Stools Under $300

If you eat most meals at your kitchen bar or spread your work out on the counter, you’re going to need a bar stool that prioritizes comfort and durability. And you need to spend a little more to get it. A high back is a must for support during leisurely meals. Upholstered bar stool seats offer extra cushion, but be sure to pick a tough fabric that can withstand wipe-downs, such as vinyl or leather. Like with less expensive stools, this mid-range category includes a variety of fun designs, but with a greater selection of quality materials such as hardwood and leather.

Bar Stools Under $500

Distinctive design comes with a higher price tag. Bar sools in this range may feature luxurious fabrics such as velvet and ultra-durable frame materials like welded metal. You can also discover creative modern designs made with molded polypropylene, clear acrylic, and tropical hardwoods. A bigger bar stool budget also ensures comfort. Ergonomic designs and plush padding help you create a dine-in bar that’s just as comfortable as a traditional dining table.