Baby Nursery Ideas

Baby Nursery Ideas

If you're planning on bringing a baby home soon, congratulations! Whether you're welcoming your first, second, or last infant, decorating the nursery is a fun and exciting way to prepare for your child's arrival. Use these nursery ideas as an inspiration to create an adorable and comfortable space for your little one.

Baby Nursery Essentials

A full set of baby furniture will help to tie the room together, so make sure you have the nursery essentials. A baby crib, baby dresser, changing table, and glider chair are good baby basics for every nursery. However, the decorating style, color, and accents you choose will affect the overall look and feel of your nursery the most.

Decorating a Nursery

How you decorate your baby nursery will depend on whether you're expecting a baby boy or girl and your personal decorating style. A baby boy's nursery will probably look pretty different from a nursery decorated with a little girl in mind, and if you need the room to be versatile or are keeping the gender a surprise, gender-neutral is another decor option. The most important thing is that you create a nursery you love, as you'll be spending a lot of time there in the following months. These tips and ideas will help you create the perfect nursery for your baby.

Baby Boy Nursery

Little Boy Blue

Your newborn will feel right at home in a nursery made just for him. Choose a calming shade of blue for your walls that will help you and your little man relax. A round leather ottoman is a strong masculine accent that also happens to be an extremely comfortable footrest. Cozy up the rest of your nursery by including a soft area rug along with plenty of throw pillows and warm blankets. A piece or two of wall art will keep your nursery from feeling bare and lend some personality and style to your room. Picking a theme to style your baby boy nursery around will make it simpler to decorate — animals and illustrations are a reliable place to start.

Baby Girl Nursery

Perfectly Pink

Make it clear you've welcomed a baby girl with a nursery that's unmistakably feminine. A soft pink palette sets the tone, but feel free to use gold accents to glam things up a bit. Bring in a gold-colored side table or metallic pendant light to keep the style fresh. Baby girl bedding can be patterned or solid, but it helps to choose a specific theme or symbol and run with it for all your nursery decor. You can add some texture to your baby girl nursery with a fluffy shag rug, along with plenty of blankets and stuffed animals to keep your darling daughter company. Vibrantly colored wall art is another great way to continue your chosen theme. Don't be afraid to inject some personality into your space.

Gender-Neutral Nursery

Adorably Versatile

If you've decided you want your baby's gender to be a surprise but still want to have the nursery ready and decorated, going gender neutral is an easy solution. A gender-neutral style is also perfect for establishing a long-term nursery that can be used for both infant boys and girls. Gentle colors like white and beige are perfect for baby furniture, especially when paired with a soft green or other gender-neutral color on the walls. Keep your nursery cozy with throw pillows and blankets, a plush area rug, and cuddly stuffed animals. Black-and-white wall art pairs well with other neutral elements and can feature animals or other whimsical images that will up your nursery's "cute" factor.