Autumn Decorating Ideas for the Bedroom

Fall Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The first step to creating a dreamy autumn bedroom is breaking out the cool-weather bedding. Because your bed is typically the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, changing up your blankets and pillows will make a visual impact on the look of the room. Fluffy down comforters, flannel sheets, and decorative pillows create a warm, inviting space you’ll never want to leave. Together with a few fall accents, you can easily transform your summery bedroom into a cozy fall haven.



Cozy Autumn Color Palette

Classic autumn tones take on a more subtle, muted quality with pale shades of rusty orange, buttercup yellow, vanilla, oatmeal, and chestnut. Use decorative throw pillows in various autumnal shades to create a layered look inspired by the falling leaves. Knit throw blankets add warmth to your bedding, but they can also add pops of color if you’re working with a neutral base. Look for throw blankets in shades of burgundy, chocolate, or burnt orange to keep with the theme.

Cozy Autumn Bedroom Decor Essentials

Fall Bedroom Decorating Essentials

Cozy Autumn Bedroom Decor

Aside from the layers of warm bedding, changing up your decor is a great way to celebrate the fall season. Use functional items like throw blankets, decorative pillows, and layered area rugs to tie in the autumn color palette. A soft sheepskin rug is a great way to add warmth to bedside floor space. Give walls the autumn treatment with a collage of beautiful wreaths in fall colors — then use votive or pillar candles to add pops of color and a welcoming fragrance to the room.


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