Art Deco Furniture Fact Sheet

The Art Deco period rose in the early part of the 20th century from a conglomeration of other art styles, including Art Nouveau and Neoclassical. The furniture from this period has some distinct and defining overtones and architecture that reflect the uplifted moods of the citizens as they shed their inhibitions and focused on decorative elements that reinforced their new avant-garde attitudes. If you want to bring pieces into your home that are influenced by this classic style, here's what to look for.

About Art Deco Furniture:


Art Deco Furniture Is Sleek and Smooth

Art Deco furniture usually features shiny and sleek materials, such as stainless steel, heavy molded plastics, and smooth glass. Look for inlaid wood patterns in tabletops. Numerous Art Deco designs originated in France, but they quickly caught on in the United States. Some of the first mass-produced affordable furniture pieces came from this era.


Art Deco Furniture Features Sensuous Lines

With rounded lines and sensuous curves, Art Deco furniture may boast a high-gloss, lacquered finish, or it may include reflective elements such as polished chrome accents or inlaid glass baubles. Smooth domes and rounded depressions are common in Art Deco pieces.


Art Deco Furniture Is Famous for Its Opulent Style

The Art Deco era embodied decadence and opulence. Architecture and furniture styles of the period featured lavish and bold patterns, geometric shapes, and animal fabric prints, such as leopard and zebra. Look for overstuffed cushions and gilded tassels gracing the bottom edges of sofas and upholstered chairs.


Art Deco Furniture Embodies Optimism

In the United States, the Art Deco rage peaked during the Roaring ’20s, while the nation was recovering from World War I. Look for optimistic design elements in Art Deco furniture, such as starbursts, chevrons, and sunbursts. Patterns may also feature abstract and botanical designs. These images represented the carefree, hopeful attitude during the post-war period.


Art Deco Furniture Includes Highly Decorative Accessories

Decorative furnishings include a wide array of table and floor lamps, many featuring the human form in a sumptuous, sweeping outline. Other decorative furnishings, such as statues, impart the glamorous feel of the Art Deco era.

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